Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Using Cloth Pads Now

Since I put Shern on Cloth Diapers, I've always wanted to try out Cloth Pads.

I bought 2 pcs of Cloth Pads initially to try them out, just in case I'm not comfortable in using them.
After using them, I'm game. I'm now a Cloth Pad convert. Not fully yet though. Slowly.

The first time I've heard of Cloth Pads was when my best friend told me that her sis is using cloth pads. At that time, I was all in awe of her sis. I could not imagine anyone would want to use Cloth Pads instead of Disposables.
It is really irony that I am now one of the Cloth Pad fans!

I bought mine from Mama Patch when they were having their 1st Anniversary 28% sales off all items. They are all exclusively handmade and their designs and colours are simply irresistable.

Regular Plain Colour Pads & Night Pads

Regular Floral Pads & Premium Fleece Pads

Wetbag for Pads & Cloth Diapers

My stash of purchase from Mama Patch

The first time I used Mama Patch's Cloth Pads, the first difference I felt was 'no more plastic-sy feeling down there'.
It feels like I am just wearing another panty - so soft and comfortable.

Washing them is a breeze too.
Just rinse off the blood to remove stain. Then I dump it in a pail and wait for my next wash.

However, I do feel that fresh blood stain are easier to rinse off compared to stale brownish blood stain. Therefore, I opt to wear darker colour pads on lighter days.

I am happy with my decision to use Cloth Pads.
Besides environmental and economical benefits, I also feel healthier - no more plastic and chemical.

I also happen to feel good knowing that the pads I am wearing are so beautiful and colourful.
That makes me feel good. :D


MieVee @ said...

Welcome to being a cloth-mama! :) I love using cloth pantiliners, very comfortable.

tanshuyin said...

oohh..where did u buy it from? mamapatch too?

MieVee @ said...

I bought Lunapads before knowing of MamaPatch:

Mindy said...

I read about the cloth pads while I was finding out more info about menstrual cups. In the end I didn't have the guts to try out the menstrual cup.

Cloth pads would be good. But I can't imagine changing it at work and bringing home the stained one. Too messy.

tanshuyin said... which u prefer? lunapad or mamapatch?

mindy...sometimes if i go out whole day, i would wear the disposable also. easier for now.
but maybe i will slowly convert to fulltime cloth pad since i already bought the wetbag to store it. will take things one step at a time.

MieVee @ said...

I am waiting for my menses to return and going to try the mentrual cup, seems much easier to clean. :)

Wet bags are good to contain used pads; just like containing used cloth diapers outdoors. Poopy diapers are way messier. Ha!

MieVee @ said...

I haven't tried MamaPatch as have been using Lunapads for a while. So far quite happy with Lunapads, except they are from the U.S. so cost more.

Chinneeq said...

Hi Shu-Yin, isn't it so comfortable wearing cloth instead of plastic?

Julia said...

Looks very interesting. May give it a try when there's discounts... Right now, the Anion thingy is a good alternative also.

tanshuyin said...

mindy...hmm..menstrual cups..interesting. will read more bout it soon. far im quite happy with mamapatch and since it's cheaper than lunapads..i'll stick with it for some time ;)

mummy to qiqi...welcome to my blog. how did u hear of this blog of mine? accidentally stumbled upon it? :)
anyway, it is REALLY VERY comfortable wearing cloth pads. i dont even mind the hassle of washing them in exchange for comfy wear ;)

julia...yes, ive also heard of the anion thingy. but u shd really try cloth pads. if u are a cd mum...u will LOVE cloth pads i tell u! :D

twins mama said...

hi there, nice to meet another cloth pad mama.. hehe..

althought i havent start using it, will do it next round for my menses! can't hardly wait.. cos heard a lot of good comments on it^^

oh ya.. i also got da same wetbag like urs juz da flower is a bit diff though :)

tanshuyin said...

hie..ur twins are so cute!

btw, how did u stumble upon my blog? :