Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So How Do I Stay Sane?

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Taking care of Shern is tough job. Although I am really blessed to stay so near my mum and have so many people helping out.

However, the main responsibilities in taking care of him is still MINE.
I am the one who bathes him. I am the one who cooks for him. I am the one who feeds him. I am the one who changes his diapers. And the list goes on.

I actually think I can go crazy if I am all alone with him and doing this super-mum-job 24/7.

So How Do I Stay Sane?

• Take some time off.
On weekdays, I sometimes go out in the morning for about 4 hours. Be it to go to office or to run some errands. Sometimes I go out just to have breakfast with hubby.

• Take a bath.
I love taking hot baths. I enjoy taking long, hot baths. This is a luxury which I try to have every once in a while.

• Escape through reading.
I love reading. I have been reading less since Shern was born. Now I try to spend some time to read a good book, even if just a few pages at a time. This makes finishing a book makes me feel like I've accomplished something for myself.

• Get a makeover.
I love to have manicures or pedicures. The last one I had either one of it was during my wedding.
I try having my manicure or pedicure done myself. Even the most basic ones like cutting my nails, doing a scrub, and filing my nails.

• Online Shopping.
I love to browse online shops. Even if I don't buy them, window-shopping online is diverting and fun and keeps my updated on the latest trends/fashions

• Baking.
It's amazing how good I feel when I bake for my family. I love trying out new baking recipes. I love browsing the net for recipes.
Baking is therapeutic for me!

• Go for a swim.
Taking Shern out together with me for a swim is always a pleasure. Shern is always happy in water and I get to swim a few laps (usually only 1 or 2 only). I feel good because I get some exercise and Shern always smiles.
When Shern is happy, I am happy. Period.

I still would not trade my life now for anything else. :)



mELbiEpiE said...

Ah...what a perfect way to spend your adulthood ;) I am very happy to know that you're enjoying every bits of it now (no doubt, with some frustration once in a while - which should be balanced up at the end of the day).

One question though: Who'd look after Shern when you do your laps??? :)

tanshuyin said...

bee....i usually bring shern down together with my sis or peter. so one of them will look after him while i swim a bit. but if im alone with shern, then i wont swim. juz fully concentrate on looking after him :)