Saturday, January 30, 2010

My 28th Birthday

Clock stroke 12 midnight yesterday. Hubby came into the room to kiss me Happy B'day with Shern asleep in his arms. He put Shern down onto his cot and snuggled onto bed with me.

He gave me a 'lil keychain with the words 'Peter & Shu Yin' (yes, without hyphen! - which he quickly said it was not his fault). He told me he bought the keychain when he went to Johore earlier this month because he was thinking of me. How typical of hubby to buy me such things! :P

I woke up in the morning feeling all excited simply because it was my birthday. Went through the morning routine as usual - b/fed, bathed & clothed Shern, then only myself.
I reluctantly left Shern with ah-yee & dad because Peter said he has the whole day planned out for me. We could not bring Shern out the whole day.

Look at Shern's grumpy look. I think he knows we are going to leave him there. :(

grumpy Shern with mummy

Hubby then took me to my favourite Japanese restaurant Tsuruya @ i-avenue. I love that place. They serves delicious food and big portion too.

Tsuruya @ i-avenue

While awaiting for our food, hubby gave me another surprise. Anklet that I've always wanted. Not in gold though 'coz it is too expensive and silly to buy gold at this price. Hubby said he will buy a gold anklet for me the moment the gold price crash. teehee.


I ordered Sashimi & Tempura Set while hubby had Seafood Teppan Set. Noticed my faithful breastpump bag on the table? Yeah...i need to bring it out wherever I go. :)

Both of us seated at our table @ Tsuruya

After lunch, we went to QBM. I bought 7 books in Borders. Unbelievable discount. Could not resist. So that added to my birthday gift as well ;)

While walking, there was this booth which gave us a piece of paper to 'declare our love' and we got a heart-shaped balloon & a yellow rose.

Both of us with the heart-shaped balloon & yellow rose

Stopped at New Zealand Natural ice-cream stall and Peter negotiated with the seller for a 30% discount with pleas of '..but it is her birthday', 'can't you give the birthday girl a special price?'. Peter won in the end. So we ended up with 3 scoops of Boysenberry, Chocolate Ecstacy & Coffee flavoured ice-creams @ 30%!

Next stop was Toys 'R' Us. We bought Shern a bag of 100 fun balls which we wanted to put inside his playpen. Although I was out enjoying my birthday surprise from hubby, I miss Shern so much and didn't protest when hubby decided to buy it for him although it was quite pricey even after a discount.

A bag of 100 fun balls from Toys 'R' Us

After that, hubby took me to MIL's house where she already cooked for me my favourite 'jiu hoo char'....yummy!

We then went home. I carried Shern the moment I walked through the door. I miss him so much especially on my birthday.
I then cooked for Shern his dinner and Min helped to feed him because hubby whizzed me off to Feringghi Garden which he had made reservation at 7pm.

Feringghi Garden is a very beautiful place. Very clean and romantic. Wonderful ambience too. (I will blog about it soon)

Feringghi Garden

They gave us a nice table with a small waterfall behind our table. The sound of the rushing water makes me feel so relaxed. The air-conditioner was just nearby so it was quite cooling although it was a hot & humid day.

Both of us at our table @ Feringghi Garden

After we finished our meal, the waitress gathered around and brought me a birthday surprise. It was a chocolate brownie with ice-cream. They all sang 'Happy Birthday' to me. I was so embarrassed, especially when the patrons at the next table shouted to Peter 'kiss her..kiss her'!
I guessed they thought we are a hot, young, dating couple. Little did they know that we are actually an old married couple with a 7 month-old son :D

my B'day Surprise from Feringghi Garden

After hubby paid the bill, we took a stroll down the Batu Feringghi night market for DVDs. Bought 18 DVDs. Satisfied, we trotted home at last.

Along the way home, hubby told me Kuma especially made for me homemade Milo ice-cream - my favourite. I'm going to get the recipe from her and make it myself every week! teehee.

Homemade Milo Ice-Cream from Kuma

Another surprise waiting for me. Strawberry Cheesecake Haagen-Dazs Ice-Cream Cake from hubby! But then the ice-cream cake kinda melted. Doink-doink Min apparently didn't know that ice-cream cake should be kept in the freezer, she just kept it in the fridge.

Haagen-Dazs Starwberry Cheesecake

But it still tasted heavenly when I ate it today. Ah-yee kept on commenting, 'wah..this cake delicious lor'. :)
3 of us taking a photo with the half-melted cake. It looks like I was the only one staring straight at the camera. Peter was more interested in the cake, while Shern was looking at something up there.

A picture with everyone at home.

Besides everything hubby planned for me, I also received:
- ang pow
- 2-hour spa @ Danai Spa
- handsfree set (which I requested)
- Kuma's homemade Milo Ice-Cream

and I think 100 birthday wishes from friends and relatives 'thru sms, facebook, email, etc.

It was really a wonderful day full of surprises. I think hubby puts in a lot of effort just to make me happy. I am so blessed.

Not blessed just on my birthday but every day. Blessed with a loving hubby. A healthy and cheeky son. A wonderful family. Good friends.

What more can a girl want? *wink


chiaoju said...

i can tell from ur email that u've had a blast on ur bday. =) glad it was awesome. hehe. have a great year ahead! see u soon.

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju....i really enjoyed myself. best bday so far! :)

Shu-Min said...

hahaaha shern really shows her attitude in the first picture! :)

Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

What a wonderful birthday you had! Your hubby really made your day. And so much shopping! Super :-D

tanshuyin said...

min...haha.yalor. shern merajuk

CD blessed n thnakful :)

Shurainian said...

Yin, dunno if u got my sms? But maybe at that time u were busy buying the 18 books from MPH hahaha...
i miss u ..
miss spending birthdays, mum's day, fathers day, new year at home.

tanshuyin said...

wen...yes, i rcvd it :)
we miss u too. nvm la..come back in 2011

Mindy said...

Wah... Peter really did plan a lot of things for you. You only mentioned the birthday cake that day. Peter did a good job. Not bad.. not bad... ;)

blubbieMs said...

you know that 100 balls that is bought at toys'r'us? you can get them so much cheaper at giant or tesco.. really!!!! they are the same! =)

MieVee @ said...

Happy belated birthday to you, lucky woman! :)

tanshuyin said...

mindy...very good coming from peter

emily...i will go tesco cari. thnx for the tips :)

nievee...thanx so much :)