Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Birthday Month

pic from: diegoonadime.com

I've always loved January simply because it is my birthday month. As my birthday is at the end of the month, I've always enjoyed waiting for my birthday to arrive. And I start reminding darlin' to treat me good because it is my birthday month! :)

When I was small, I loved receiving presents from relatives and friends. Friends in school would give me little presents bought from our school bookshop - erasers, pencils, notepads. I loved those little treasures.

Now that I'm a big girl now, these presents became less and less. I'm lucky if I receive more than 5 birthday presents in a year.

Thus far, I've received my birthday present from GSC - free movie ticket which I redeemed for Avatar movie. My first ever visit to the cinema since the arrival of Shern.

My Birthday Wish List:
  • Book Vouchers (Borders, MPH, Popular)
  • Gold Anklet (but gold is expensive nowadays...so not worth it)
  • A Holiday Getaway to some luxurious hotel

If darlin' reads my blog, he will know that these are the presents I would love to have. But I doubt he reads my blog.
And actually, it's so NOT romantic for him to give me book vouchers...bah!

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chiaoju said...

well... u still got urself a spa... =) hahahahhahhaa... enjoy ur bday babe!