Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shern on Cloth Diapers - Part 1 Review

Shern has been wearing the traditional lampin during the day and Mamy Poko at night. While Mamy Poko has sizes, Shern is growing out of his traditional lampin soon. It is getting difficult to wrap it around his buttocks.

I don't like the idea of him wearing disposable diapers ALL the time. Not that I am so environmental friendly, but more to me being broke having to spend so much on disposables.

So, after much thought and much delay, I decided to research and go scout around for the modern cloth diapers (CDs).

I decided on choose One Size Pocket Diapers.
A pocket diaper is a two-layer diapering system consisting of a waterproof outer layer and a stay-dry inner sewn together in such a way to form a pocket so that a soaker can be inserted into the pocket to absorb the wetness.

As they are rather expensive, I decided to buy 2 pcs of different brands to try. I bought Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diapers and Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Cloth Diapers.

After pre-washings the CDs before its initial use as recommended, I let Shern tried it on. I bought the ones with velcro tabs and not snap-on buttons because I find that it is much easier to wear on fussy Shern and not having to fuss with so many snaps. And also I find that velcro provides a better wrap-around fit.

1. BumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper

Colour: Ribbit

My Review on BG:
> Fit - I find Bum Genius CD a better fit.
> Sizing - For now, for sizing, I am snapping only the 2nd row buttons to the top row, leaving another row for growth. However is smaller compared to HH and I'm not sure if Shern can still wear if when he reaches 2 years.
> Inserts absorbency -I also find the microfibre fleece inserts a little more softer than HH's. Absorbency is good. With these 2 inserts, I let Shern wear from 9am to almost 5pm and there were no leaks.
> Drying time - Half a day out in the sun. One whole day with partial sun exposure.
> Cute factor - only plain solid colours available at my time of purchase.
> Cost - Pricey - RM78/set (promo) from in Anson Road, Penang.

Shern wearing Bum Genius

2.Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diapers

Colour: Monkey Print

My Review on HH:
> Fit - Do not fit as good as BG but is not bad.
> Sizing - Happy Heiny's CD is much bigger and thus leaves room for more growth. However, the sizing buttons are not tight enough. Every time I snap the sizing buttons to better fit Shern, it kept snapping open. I find this frustrating as I cannot achieve the proper sizing I want.
> Inserts Absorbency - However, despite the improper sizing, it still did not leak after Shern wore it for more than 7 hours. The absorbency is equally as good.
> Drying time - Half a day out in the sun. One whole day with partial sun exposure.
> Cute factor - Prefer the cute monkey prints than plain solid colours
> Cost: Pricey - RM85/set for prints from in Anson Road, Penang.

Shern wearing Happy Heiny's

Surprisingly, washing these CDs are a breeze. First, fold back the laundry tabs to prevent. Next, pull out the inserts and dump it into the wet or dry pail. Then when you wash your laundry, just throw it all into the washing machine. The only thing you need to remember it not to use any bleach/softener and also to use half or less of the recommended detergent to ensure full absorbency.

After wearing these for a week or two, I am so in love with using Cloth Diapers.
Now I am going to look for CD deals and also maybe to try more brands and see which suits Shern and me best.


Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

Thumbs up on being a CD user now! You can transition slowly, there's no need to FULLY cloth diaper at the beginnng. Just go according to your own pace, convenience and budget..There are many brands to try out :)

I'll add you up on Cloth Diaper Malaysia soon :)

MieVee @ said...

Welcome to the CD-ing community! It saves money while being fun at the same time.

When cloth diapers are left on baby's bums for long hours frequently, the urine could break down and rashes could break out. (Microfleece stays relatively dry, but not 100% dry.) In the day, consider changing baby every 3-4 hours. The outer PUL layer may not be fully breathable, so babies with sensitive skin (like my son) may develop rash after using them for more than 5-6 hours.

At night, breathable wool or fleece cloth diapers may be worn up to 12 hours while keeping skin dry and healthy.

Hope the above helps. Happy cloth-diapering! :)

tanshuyin said...

mievie...i dont plan to always let my baby have the CD on for more than 6 hrs. it was a tryout to see how long they can last.

however, the info u provided is good insights for me. thanx for the tips! ;)

as for the breathable wool or fleece cloth diaper...where can i get those?
currently im juz using hemp inserts for night time.

pls advise. thanx

MieVee @ said...

You're most welcome, Shu-Yin. :)
Drybees Fleece Pocket Diapers are good:

They have been hard to find recently; i think would be bringing them in soon.

Cloth Diaper Malaysia has a good list of CD retailers: