Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

There are a few ahem...things which I would Like It Longer.

1. Why I Like It Longer - Legs

I would like to have longer legs.

Simply because I would look so good wearing skinny jeans with high heels. And I would also like to wear those super long Sommerset Bay dresses that reaches my ankles. Only people with long legs can get away with it.

2. Why I Like It Longer - Eyelashes
I would like to have longer eyelashes.
So that when I bat my eyelashes at people, they will actually notice it.

With my current super short eyelashes and my small eyes, people don't even notice it when I try batting my eyeslashes. Arghh...

3. Why I Like It Longer - Fingers
Ok. So I don't own a 10 carat diamond ring. But I do own a half-carat diamond ring and it will only look good if I have long fingers.
Unfortunately, my fingers and short and pudgy.

But I guess people must and have to be contented with what we have. Contented with God's gift to us even though I have short legs, almost-invisible eyelashes and short, pudgy fingers.

But to see it in another perspective, having these short body parts make me the unique person I am now.
Hubby loves to touch my short legs. Hubby loves kissing my eyes. Hubby loves holding my short pudgy fingers. *grin

But one thing that I would like to own and is not God's gift is the LG’s new Chocolate phone (BL40). It has a unique long shape that allows for a 4-inch widescreen and is a sleep supermodel phone. I wish I own it. At least I would have one long thing I could finally called my OWN!


Mindy said...

You are trying to give your hubby hints izit? :P

tanshuyin said...

haha. nola. it is a contest by Nuffnangers. see the CONTEST category I file this post under? :)

peter sure wont buy me a hp worth rm2k++. hehe

Giap Seng said...

Give you some other "naughty" perspective to write the post.

I thought you want something to last longer from your husband, ahem....


I mean the handphone battery life.

Good luck in the contest

Giap Seng

tanshuyin said...

giapseng...nice to see u here. ive heard peter talked about u but i have not met u officially yet.

anyway, haha...are u sure u meant handphone battery life? hehe.

peter dont really read my blog. he prefers to read those boring investment books. do u only read boring books only? ;)