Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello World, Meet Shern

Name: Lim U Yiu-Shern (林优升)
Gender: Boy
Born On: 6/6/09
Weight - 3.6 kg
Length/Height - 52 cm
Head Circumference - 35 cm
Delivery via Emergency Caesarian

Proud Parents: Peter Lim Cheng Teik & Tan Shu-Yin

6 June 2009 - 1 day old

11 June 2009 - 6 days old


chiaoju said...

Aiyooooo... He's soooo cute! I so wanna pinch that cute little cheek of his. Hehe. I hope to see him in person soon (didn't get to see him at the hospital the other day).

You take care k?

Congrats to you n Peter again. Hugs.

Mindy said...

I can't wait to go over and visit him. Let me know when you're out of confinement ya!~~

tanshuyin said...

he still has very high jaundice. if it goes any higher, he may be needed to be admitted to the hospital again. :(

mindy...wah..another mth's time. me also can't wait. now i juz want U-Shern to be OK.

Jasmine said...

He is adorable!!! I especially like the 1 day old pic. :)Don't worry, he'll be ok.

Congrats to you and peter...

Take care gal...

szeloon said...

Hey proud mummy!

Congratulation! Too bad cannot view the MMS you sent me that day. Don't know it's the roaming or my phone got problem. Anyway, I'm so glad to know you had brought such a cute baby into this world to join us. Can't wait to see U-Shern. Seeing his photos got me so excited to meet him. Happy parenting to you and Peter. Enjoy~

Don't worry bout the jaundice. Nowadays, most babies tend to have it. He'll get well very soon!

Take care and see you soon.

Julia said...

Hello Shu Yin, you've got one big guy there :) Congrats!

kooi said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Peter & Shu-Yin! Bet you both are excited about parenthood1!! Baby U-Shern is sooooo adorable.

blubbieMs said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU!!!! He is such a cute big little baby boy! You have got a big one in there, didn't you? Mine only came out weighing 3.2kg! As long as they come out healthy and fine. Don't worry much about the jaundice.. it will go away.. bet the little one's skin is peeling as we speak eh? Congratulations to you and your husband on the little baby!!! Welcome to MOTHERHOOD!!!!!!!! FINALLY!

Jaden's Journey said...

Shu Yin! Just to share with you if you are breastfeeding and wants more milk in 'there'..

papaya fish soup is well recommended!

giNnA said...

Congrats..... Blog about your feeling of being a mom ......

tanshuyin said...

Jas..thanks. yeah..he looks so cuddly in his 1 day old pic.

Carol...yeah i know most babies have jaundice but theirs she be mild jaundice. U-Shern's jaundice is way above the borderline. So now he is back in the hospital under photo/light treatment.
nowadays we have haze so kenot really bring him out the sunbathe ourselves.

Julia...yea. thanks! ;)

Emily...his skin is really peeling...but more than the rest i guess coz he is under photo/light treatment (jaundice) which makes him dry. ;(
and thanks for the recipe for the papaya fish soup.

Yf...i will surely blog when i have the time/energy! ;)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

congrats babe. here's to your new life as a mummy=)

nat said...

congrats shu yin & peter.
u-shern (nice name) is very cuddly la

mELbiEpiE said...

U-Shern is very very very cute. =)
Happy mother's day~!!!!!
Can't wait to *pou pou* him....

Elly said...

One of my friend told me to avoid getting baby jaundice, the mother diet during pregnancy must be very simple and eat cheng cheng so I follow a very strict diet when come to my WW30 and my baby only have jaundice which was under the photolight for a day only and then the jaundice went off. I guess it's true in a way and my friend baby didn't get jaundice at all. But of course the mother have to suffer cause have to eat cheng cheng which is sometime I find it boring and tasteless and so suffer during pregnancy cause cannot eat too ho liao thing. Blame it on the way they cook the food nowadays la make it so tasty and mouth watering.

Shu, don't worry so much ya. YOu bb will be fine very soon. It's going to be the second week already.

tanshuyin said...


Nat...thanks. Maybe need to change spelling dee coz new govt ruling dont allow single alphabet in a name! ;(

Bee.....hehe. all babies are cute ler. not only mine!

elly....his jaundice is better now. hopefully wont surge again.