Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jamie drew the 3 of Us

Jamie & Dylan are back to Penang as Singapore is having a school mid-term break.

Look at what the sweet Jamie drew for me yesterday?
She drew our little family - the 3 of us - Peter, me & Little Angel.

And she drew that spontaneously in front of me. I must say she draws very well for a 5+ year old.

(click on the pic to view a bigger image)

Jamie even touched my belly and was in awed when she felt my belly moved. She said she can't wait for Little Angel to come out. She said she wants to play with him.

At the back of the picture, she wrote a message to Little Angel 'I ♥ you and I like to play with you'

I guess little does she know that when Little Angel comes out, all he knows how to do is cry, eat & sleep. He will be not much fun for the first few months.


chiaoju said...

that is so sweet of jamie...

is peter bald? is that why he's wearing a cap? oh oh, and the way she drew the birdies brings back old memories how my mum use to teach me how to draw birdies -- the exact same way -- a "V" with a line below.

lil angel looks ABSOLUTELY adorable. hehe...


tanshuyin said...

hahaha...peter is far from bald (for the time being).
I am actually more bald than peter. I shed more hair than him.

yes..i like the way she drew Little Angel also! ;)

janette sis said...

she loves to draw and paint. she will normally do it when free at home and when she has the mood..
glad you love the pic, I am amazed she knows how to draw that well too.. hehehe!

tanshuyin said...

yayar..and best of all she drew it spontaneously on the spot. she drew the baby so well.