Friday, June 26, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 3 - Expressions

Yiu-Shern's many face expressions...

25 June 2009

20 June 2009

Look at his sleeping positions. He likes to put his hand on his face.

22 June 2009

23 June 2009

23 June 2009


chiaoju said...

haha. he is superbly cute!!! i especially love the 1st pic from the right. absolutely hilarious. =D

i hope to see u before i leave (if possible). if all else fails, the angpow shall still arrive.

enjoy motherhood!

Mindy said...

I wish I could be as peaceful as a baby. :)

I really think he looks like you...

tanshuyin said...

to tell u both the EXHAUSTED!

chiaoju said...

aiyoyo... *hugs*

im sure u are. but it's gonna be all worthwhile im sure. i know it's a du-uh statement, but try resting more.

i think i agree with mindy. he does look like u! :)

Soo Huey said...

how come i think he looks like peter wan?? :$

i also think he looks like a naughty/mischievous one! better watch out! :P

Elly said...

Jaden sleep like that too with his hand up. So I believe babies like to sleep like that. Haha....anyway, I agreed with SOo Huey. Baby does look like Peter smart and intelligent.

tanshuyin said...

shuey....some ppl say look like me, some say look like peter.
but MOST ppl say look like peter la!

elly...yea...i also alwyz scared he scratch his face teruk-teruk!

winwin said...

aaaaa~ he is so adorable!!!

mELbiEpiE said...

Too Cute~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be like Yiu-Shern peaceful =)

I think Yiu-Shern shares some features between you and Peter. He does looks like a Shu-Yin+Peter production~! =D