Saturday, June 13, 2009

U-Shern - week 1

Today is exactly 1 week since U-Shern was born. It is exactly one week since I endured both natural birth contractions 'til the end but ended up having an emergency caesarian! *grins

U-Shern did not know how to suckle on my breasts on the first day he was born. He was merely enjoying my nipples in his mouth. I had to squeeze the colustrum out for him.
However, U-Shern started suckling well the next day.

On my 3rd day post delivery, my milk started coming in. I could felt my breasts muscles tightened in the middle of the night at around 2am. I thought I could sleep it off and then see to this matter in the morning. Little did I know that that was the biggest mistake I could ever make.
Both my breasts were fully engorged at 6am. I almost cried when the nurses there helped me to massage them using hot pad.

On the 4th day, U-Shern got over his lethargicness and started suckling on my breasts vigorously. Thus I had to endure not only breasts engorgement but also sore/cracked nipples.
Thanks to Bepanthen ointment, they did not bleed YET.

I was so committed to breastfeeding and also read up so much about it, yet, I was not prepared enough. As of now, breastfeeding is really TOUGH! I was almost in tears (sometimes really in tears) due to my breasts engorgement.

Breastfeeding requires me to 'feed-on-demand' and U-Shern demands for milk every 2 hours. My nipples barely had time to heal and there goes the little piranha again!

But I guess it is because I do not produce enough milk for him. After direct feeding him, I can only express out slightly more than 1 1/2oz of EBM. That is little I know.

Poor U-Shern had jaundice. He was put under photo/light treatment on his 3rd day.
He bacame lethargic and refused to suckle on my breasts. This is a bad sign because he was very dry due to the photo/light treatment. I had no choice but to express out my milk and to ask the nurse to feed him using a feeder cup/soft cup.

I had to stay in Island Hospital for an extra 2 days because of U-Shern's above the borderline jaundice level. When he was allowed to be discharged on Wednesday 10 June 2009, his jaundice level is only at borderline at 170+ reading.

Took him sunbathing in the morning but his jaundice level still increased to 213 on Thurs and then 220 on Fri. The nurse at the goverment clinic in Tg Bungah also advised us to send him to the hospital.

So poor U-Shern is now back to the hospital yesterday Fri 12 June 2009. I did not stay there as a lodger this time. Instead, I send over my EBM to the nursery every once in a while and also to direct b/f him while I am there.

If not enough, I requested the nurses there to top up with formula milk. I cannot be too stubborn on saying NO to formula because U-Shern needs more liquid in order to dispose out all the jaundice in his body - he needs to pee and poo-poo more.


Anonymous said...

congrats shu-yin! all this while i have read that you want to give birth naturally. why the caesarean?


Soo Huey said...

i hope U-Shern gets over the jaundice soon and you can settle down into being a mum along with all the struggles that are worthwhile n part of the joy in the end :)

Elly said...

Shu, bear with it. The jaundice will be over soon. Breast feeding is tough but once you get use to it, it will be at your finger tip. You can get more milk by drinking lot of protein food like soys or protein powder.

Mindy said...

How long will U-Shern be in the hospital? Hopes he recovers fast.

mELbiEpiE said...

Be very strong shushu mummy....I'm sure you'll make it through the challenge. It'll all be worthwhile at the end of the day for sure. All my thoughts are with you everyday~!!!! *Very Big Tight HUGZ*

mELbiEpiE said...

Baby jaundice normally clears by the time baby is two weeks old, or sometimes longer. Hopefully U-Shern will recover soon.
Yes, feed U-Shern with more milk so to allow him to peepee more often =)

tanshuyin said...

Maxine...long story. i will blog bout it when i have the time! ;)

Shuey...i hope so. i can't wait for him to grow and grow and grow! hehe

elly...ooh..protein powder ar? i didnt wor. i drink milkmaid tea and anmum lacta with sesame powder. all the geli food ppl say good also i eat dee!

Mindy...he was admitted for an extra 2 days. he is back home dee now.

Bee...can't wait for u to come back next year.

mnsc said...

Hi Shu-Yin!! Erm, I am still confuse whether you are my aunt or my cousin @.@" anyway, congratulations on the newborn!!

=) Happy being a mum!! haha..

Can't wait to come back to Penang and see him!!

tanshuyin said...

haha..we are cousins la. coz i call ur mum Lily kuku. :)

Elly said...

Haha..grow and grow..i also wish last time but lot of people say this is the best time to take care a baby and is the most adorable moment. Once they know how to crawl and walk, we will be superly most busy time and when they reach gawd..i cannot believe it..then we will miss their infant time so enjoy everymoment with the baby..

tanshuyin said...

my wound is bothering me. so difficult for me to bend up n down.

now very chuan...breastfeeding him every 2 hrs.