Monday, June 29, 2009

June - A Joyous Month

Starting 2009, our family will always have triple celebration in the month of June.

6 June - Lim Yiu-Shern's birthday
3rd Sunday of June - Father's Day
28 June - Mum's Birthday

Happy Father's Day - 21st June 2009

Proud daddy holding on to his bundle of joy

Proud kong-kong holding on to his precious grandson

p/s- Yiu-Shern have not taken picture with 'Ah-Kong' yet. Pic to be uploaded soon.

Mummy's @ Pho-Pho's Birthday - 28 June 2009

Proud pho-pho holding on to her precious grandson

And also more laughter and joy from now onwards ;)


Anonymous said...

Yiu-Shern is whispering Happy Birthday Pho-Pho... soooo cute :)

Chin Peng

tanshuyin said...

cpeng...yeayea. like he is giving pho-pho a bday kiss too ;)