Wednesday, June 3, 2009

39 weeks - Little Angel is now as big as Peter's favourite fruit

Watermelon is Peter's favourite fruit. He can eat half the watermelon if I allow it.

This week's growth chart shows that Little Angel is the size of a mini watermelon. I doubt the 'mini' part though.

Went to see Dr. Eric again today but he says Little Angel is not ready to come out yet.

His head is low but then he is not facing downwards yet. He is still facing left which is still not a sign of near labour.

And my cervix though soft but not 'soft enough' yet.

So his advice is to wait.....'til my EDD next Tuesday 9th June 2009 to be induced.

But what I am worried about is that Little Angel is growing bigger and bigger as days go by. As of yesterday's ultrasound scan, his head circumference is 107.5mm (normally should be ~95mm) and weighs 3.8kg - Little Angel is BIG!

I am afraid I might have a hard time to push him out with his broad head and he is such a big baby. I am in no favour of a c-sec if possible.

But I don't want to induce him out unless it is absolutely necessary. I want him to be ready to make his appearance into our world!
Even if c-sec is needed, then I have no choice. But I am aiming for a natural delivery.

Please pray for me!

Photo taken from: Baby Center


Mindy said...

Whoa... 3.8kg is quite heavy d... he's over-staying his stay in your belly... ask him to quickly come out...

tanshuyin said...

mindy...yeah..that's the problem. he is not ready to come out yet!

Mun Yi said...

Yea, I keep counting the days to your delivery. :)

tanshuyin said...

munyi...wah...u more kin cheong than me!

blubbieMs said...

3.8kg is just an estimation. Usually they weigh less than that when they are out. U have to give and take +/- 500grams. Don't worry, the doc didn't say that your pelvic bone is small for natural delivery rite, so don't worry! Anyway really, my advice is don't wait until your own water bag burst (after EDD) I mean. Induce him out on that day if you must.. I really have seen my friends' cases who waited for a week later or so and the baby came out with a few med complications...

tanshuyin said...

Emily...U-Shern decided to come out 3 days earlier than EDD...but still had complications and ended up having an emergency c-sec ;(

but im glad both of us are good and fine.