Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Belated B'day Bee Wooi & Siow Sen @ Old Frees

We always took the opportunity to meet up and have a makan session - and also to celebrate those whose birthdays fall within the month or so.

Anyway, this time is Bee Wooi and Siow Sen's belated birthday celebration.

The management of the Old Frees Restaurant had changed hands, I was told. But I think the chef left as well. Food there was not as nice the last time I went.

Anyway, this time we ate rice with dishes. Taste-wise I find it OK. Portion was small. Prices are expensive. But the thing that irked me was that the whole restaurant area was so noisy...all the voices kept on reflecting on the walls and you can hear echos everywhere, although there were not many tables being seated. It was so annoying!

So what to do? We shouted at the top of our lungs to get messages across to each other!

Mini Oreo cake from Ritz

Siow Sen & Bee Wooi - the belated birthday girls

Justin & SS, Bee Wooi & Alan

Pregnant women with hubbies

Group pic
(how come Peter closed his eyes and spoiled the pic!)

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