Friday, April 24, 2015

Khye's Swollen Upper Lips a.k.a Gingivostomatitis

Ok, both kids are down. But let me first talk about Khye.

It started off on Sunday evening, when Khye woke up after a nap at Ah-Ma's house feeling really grumpy. I shrugged it off as I thought it was one of his grumpy days. We then went to Tesco and he was alright again after having a McD cone. Yes, he ate the cone only without the ice-cream.

That night was a nightmare. I put him to sleep at around 9.30pm and since then he woke up EVERY 15 minutes to 1/2 hours and whined and cried. Initially I just patted him back to sleep and he did sleep back but to wake up 15 minutes later to whine. I took his temperature and it was cool. No fever.
After a few hours of this, I got irritated due to lack of sleep and that Khye wanted me to pat and sing to him (imagine me singing the whole night!). So I kinda raised my voice and scolded him. Of course he cried louder.

In the morning, I surrendered and woke up at 7.30am together with him and went downstairs. And that was when I saw his upper front lips were swollen.
20 April 2015 - Khye with swollen upper lips

And then I was wondered if that happened because I offered him my boobs just a while ago. But the swelling didn't subside after 1 hour and that was when I got worried.
I then felt bad that I was kinda harsh to him last night. He must be feeling really poorly. :(

Decided to bring Khye to the peds to have him checked out.
Khye as usual was bawling his eyes out in the doctor's clinic as he is scared stiff of doctors.
Dr. Chiah saw his swollen upper lips and after some thorough checking of his throat and mouth and body,he said Khye has gums infections or also known as Gingivostomatitis (a combination of gingivitis and stomatitis). The infection leads to him having fever.
Apparently, this is quite a common infection among children.

And because of that, he recommended antibiotic (2nd time on antibiotic. 1st time when he was 2weeks old and had a swollen 'lil toe) and also antiviral. Initially he suggested to try out antibacterial meds and see if it takes its course, but then since he has quite a high fever then (38.7dC at the clinic!), it is better to take both. I agreed seeing how uncomfortable Khye was as he didn't sleep the whole night and he didn't eat well as well.

Look at my poor baby (still with very swollen upper lips) having a long afternoon nap after he got back from the hospital.

And the same day evening, Shern also fell sick and ran a high temperature. (will blog about this in a separate post

Coupled with the antibiotic and antiviral, he was also prescribed antihistamine meds, and of course PCM if needed and also an oral gel to ease his swollen gums if he refuses food. Even the doctor told me this is a lot of meds for a kid!
I told the doctor how difficult it is to feed Khye meds and he told me top priority is the antibiotic and antiviral and PCM if fever. The rest are secondary.
So in the end, I just fed Khye the priority ones. :)

Khye tends to vomit out the meds if I force him to eat while crying. So now I put the meds into his Yakult or Iced Milo and he drinks all up happily.
Certainly made feeding meds more easy, especially with so many meds to feed to an unwilling patient.
20 April 2015

The next day was a little better, although he was still having mild fever. But his lips were still a little swollen, though has subsided quite a lot compared to the previous day.
21 April 2015

However he slept well that night and after that, no more frequent waking ups like the first night. 

On the 3rd day, things were definitely much more brighter for this little boy, with no more fever (less than 38dC) the whole day although body is a little hotter than normal to the touch. But his appetite did came back slowly, eating half a bowl of rice and some fruits.
22 April 2015

And as of yesterday, he was all well again. No more fever and appetite was definitely back!
Look at him posing for my phone nicely. Lips are just a teeny 'lil bit swollen, but other than that, he is all well!
Looks like this little boy is all ready for school on Friday!
23 April 2015

Another learning process for me as a mummy. 
I didn't know Gingivostomatitis/Gingivitis can be quite sickly too.

And now the next blog post will be about Shern as he fell sick too almost at the same time! #lifeasamummy #beingamummyisnoteasy 

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