Monday, August 27, 2012

Belly Art

25 August 2012 - Belly Art - week 36
I tried a new thing last Saturday. It's Body Painting but I call it Belly Art. My cousin's friend is venturing into this business so she is looking for pregnant models and I volunteered.
So last Saturday, the talented Goh Lay Kheng came to my place and gave my belly a little make up.

This is the artist doing her work.
My whole belly is rather tight and thus usually rather sensitive when being touched. But surprisingly, I did not feel much of it. She must be very gentle I think.

This is the end results of it all. It is rather difficult to see the whole picture because my belly is rather sharp. This is the best shot of it by us non-professional photographers. Haha.
It's actually a drawing of a cute teddy and some little boy clothings drying on a clothes line.

To zoom into it, this side of my belly shows the dripping teddy and an overall.

The other side shows a bib and a pair of socks!

I love this photo, it shows how big my belly is!

We even went down to our apartment garden for some shots. Lovely greens all around.

When I showed it to Shern, he was very fascinated with the art and said he wants his stomach to have drawing too. He said he wants Aunty Lay Kheng to draw a teddy bear and a train on his stomach for him! ;)

I am very happy to be given this opportunity to have my belly drawn. It's such a cute drawing, and if you know me, I'm not someone who loves cute things. But this is an exception. I love it.
Thanks a lot Lay Kheng!


Serenely said...

Oh wow! This is a really cool concept! Like it very much. Your friend Lay Kheng is really very artisitic

tanshuyin said...

Thanks Serene, yes, she is very talented. and she is just starting out. She will be even better given time :)