Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maternity Portraits#2 - Part 2: Family

This is Part 2: Family of the Maternity Portraits#2. (Click to view Part 1: Big Belly)

We managed to capture some photos when Shern 'decided' to join us for some shots every 5 minutes or so.
Let's start off with a photo of the 3 of us. Ohh, should I say 4 coz there is Lil Bub inside my belly. =)
29 July 2012
Hubby,, 30...Shern, 37 mths

Cuddling time with Daddy. Look at how Shern stuck out his tongue on the left photo.

A photo of Shern with dearest Pho-pho on the left.
On the right is Shern and his upside-down photos. He kept wanting to do these 'upside-down' poses.

 More upside down poses with us.

Another one.

And lastly, a photo of us 4+1 !

Photo Credits - Chew Win Win / 3Quarters Studio

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