Thursday, August 23, 2012

And Now I Waddle

Week 36 - 20 August 2012
I'm now at Week 36 and besides having swollen feet, I now starts to waddle.
If you don't yet know what waddle means, here is the definition from


Walk with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion.
A waddling gait: "I walk with a waddle".

Yes, I now waddle like a duck. Sometimes when I noticed that people are staring at me, I try hard not to waddle, but it is difficult to stand up straight and walk with my two legs close together, and doing all these while carrying a huge watermelon in my tummy.
So I just stop trying so hard and continue to waddle my way into the coffee shops and malls.

22 August 2012
And this is how my swollen feet looks like. Much more swollen than just 3 weeks ago.
Swollen Feet @ Week 36 - 22 August 2012

I remembered seeing Shern waddle not too long ago, when he just started learning how to walk. He looked so cute then. I'm sure I'm nowhere as cute as him then. Sigh. 

I am now big enough that people started giving me privileges as a pregnant woman. Just today, I went into hlb to do banking and there are no public toilets around there, and one of the staff then led me to their staff toilets. I was so thankful because I nearly peed in my pants!

This is quite a big deal for I because just a month or so ago, some people still didn't know I am pregnant. Either they didn't look at me properly, or they think I am indeed so fat. Coz a few strangers still thinks I am hubby's girlfriend when we walked into coffee shops! haha.

Or maybe they think I am hubby's waddling pregnant girlfriend! :P

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