Friday, August 10, 2012

Maternity Portraits#2 - Part 1: Big Belly

About 2 weeks ago, I had my Maternity Portraits taken.
This time, instead of doing it at home like what we did the first time, we went to Win Win's studio.  

It was not easy this time because now there is Shern. He is like a monkey jumping around. So it was difficult to get him to pose with us. So we just let it be. We just enjoyed ourselves in the studio and did not force Shern to pose here and there.
While we take some individual and couple shots together with the baby, Shern went to the other room and played with Pho-pho. And once a while, he would peep at us in the room and joined us in the photoshoot. So that was when we managed to take some shots with him.

But he was like doing 'now you see, now you don't!' kinda act.
After a couple of shots, he would be gone. And then he would come in again 5 minutes later. ;)

Anyway, taking Maternity Portraits for me is a must. Is something for me to look back on when Lil Bub is no longer inside my belly. ;)

Maternity Portrait - Week 32 -29 July 2012

Love the lighting of this photo. It makes my belly looks so rounded.

Posing with hubby. 

I changed into a long maxi dress. Love this dress, very comfy.
My belly looks much bigger here.

Side views of my belly.

Hubby listening and feeling Lil Bub's kicks and punches

Love this photo of Shern looking into my belly.

A Happy Family of 3 + 1 :=)

We also managed to take some photos of the family, without focusing on my big belly. Look out for more photos in Part 2: Family and Part 3: Shern.

Photo Credits - Chew Win Win / 3Quarters Studio


Serenely said...

Wow! You are really 'owning' this pregnancy so well. Love the belly shots. I didn't do one for my first pregnancy but maybe the next time. I really like the floral dress you're wearing too. Hope everything goes smoothly in the final countdown to the big day!

tanshuyin said...

Hie Serene, thnx for ur lovely complements. Im indeed flattered.
Yes, u shd have maternity portraits taken for ur next one.
I do it more for memory's sake. Is a lovely keepsake to have. Not often ur belly gets bloated up like this with a little miracle growing inside u ! :)