Monday, August 27, 2012

The Evolution of my Pregnant Belly #2

It's all about belly talk these few days. :)
Ok, like what I did while I was carrying Shern, it is time for the Evolution of my Pregnant Belly while carrying 'Lil Bub.


My belly started showing obviously about 5-6 mths. At the end of it, I'm like carrying a big watermelon inside my tummy.
It is not easy actually. As you can see, I don't gain a lot of weight throughout my whole pregnancy (only about 9kg until now) and all the weight gain is on my belly. My baby seems to absorb everything I eat! So that gives me a huge weight to carry around and thus I have lower backache.

But on the bright side, it means that it is much easier for me to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight and back to looking good soon, I hope! :)

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