Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shern @ Penang Buddhist Association (PBA)

6 August 2012 (which is the 19th Day of 6 Lunar Month) is the Enlightenment Day of Guan Yin (Avalokitesgvara).
Ok, we didn't know about it if not for my FIL. He is a member of the PBA and he goes there for prayers often.
Hubby and I are not a very spiritual people, but we still believe that giving our kids some form of spiritual believe is good for them, as they will guide them into the right path morally.

So during special days like Wesak, we will bring Shern to PBA. I like PBA because of the airy and serene ambience. It is not so chaotic like other places of worship.

Anyway, we brought Shern to PBA again today.

Penang Buddhist Association

Shern likes the Guan Yin pond.
6 August 2012

This is the free vegetarian brunch he had. The pao from Ah-Kong and the vegetarian fried noodles. 

Shern's favorite activity there, is to put the money into the many charity boxes there.
I told him that these money is to 'help other people', 'build schools for other children', 'let sick-sick people go see doctor'. 

And I told him that by praying, Buddha will bless Yiu-Shern.
Shern then say, 'Buddha, please bless Yiu-Shern, Mummy, Daddy, Baby,'
'Buddha please bless pho-pho, Ah-Kong, A-Ma,',....and the list goes on for all the people he remembers, including his teachers. =)

(Jia Li, he also asked Buddha to bless you!)

Bless your kind big heart, my little boy! ;)

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