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Vineyards & Wineries @ Stellenbosch, Cape Town - 6 December 2011

We spent the afternoon at Stellenbosch visiting vineyards and wineries. Stellenbosch has many leading Wine Estates. First on our list was Ernie Else Wine Estate since my parents are fond of the sport.

This is dad doing the golfing pose. :)

This is the entrance of the Ernie Els Wine Estate. The place is huge.

We just stopped wherever we saw anything that interests us. For example, these little wine grapes. That was the first time I saw grapevines actually. I didn't know the grapes are so small. Or is it that they are still in the baby stage and could grow bigger?

Anyway, Shern was fascinated by it too. Look at how small and tiny those wine grapes are.

We also made a stop when we saw the beautiful scenery there. Very green and lush.

Shern was so happy to run about the free open space and he didn't even mind posting for the many cameras. Look at my handsome baby.

3 of us took a photo on the rock too.

We saw a pebble stream and Shern was fascinated with everything.

This is Shern with Wen yee-yee.

Then down the slope we saw a scenic spot to take photos. Shern was in such a good mood that he ran down so many times to take photos with each and everyone of us and with big smile on his face!

Take#1: Shern with Yee-pho
Take#2: Shern with Min yee-yee

Take#3: Shern with Uncle Ian and Wen yee-yee
Take#4: Shern with Pho-pho and Kong-kong.

Take #5: Shern with Mummy & Daddy.

Take#6: Shern with us 3 sisters!

Look at Shern playing and monkeying around with Kong-kong.

Then we left the estate and to our next destination: Asara Vineyard.
These scenery are taken on our way to Asara Vineyard. It is really beautiful. Look at that! No photoshop. Amazing?

This is inside the Asara Vineyard. Another picturesque place!
The blue sky with the mountains in the background, coupled by the lake and the flowers. Wow!

A photo of me with my mum!

A photo of Shern (still in a good mood) with Pho-pho.

Shern then sat down on the grass to have some snacks of biscotti and cornflakes.

And after the snack, Shern decided to take a poo. And I had to spend the next 10 minutes cleaning his bum!

And then we all decided to have some wine tasting there. Is cheap.
3 types of wine for R20 (less than RM10), or 5 types of wine for R30(less than RM15).

We 3 sisters took the 3 types, while the alcoholic (mum, dad and Ian) took the 5 types!
Peter and Ah-yee were the only sober ones there. :)
This is the smiling waiter serving us our wines!

I'm proud to say I drank all of mine, though it did gave me a little headache towards the end. Haha.

From where we were seating, we had a lovely view. The view of the lake, where you could see a duck here and there.

These are our wine glasses. Empty glasses.

So what did Shern do when we were all drinking wine? We bribed him with Smarties chocolates so he was sitting down quietly eating his treat. Haha.
And we told him our drinks were all 'spicy-spicy' so he did not want it!

After that we proceed to Neethlingshof Wine Estate for a quick look because Ian told us the trees there are beautiful.

They were indeed beautiful. Tall and lanky and paved the road.

Shern was also busy trying to kick the big stone. He ended up realizing it wont move and only his leg hurts. Is good that he learnt it by trying it out himself because he would not believe when I told him he would hurt his leg is he kicked it! ;)

On our way back to the main road, we saw a rainbow due to the reflection of the fountain. Lovely end to our vineyard and winery tour ;)

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