Friday, March 23, 2012

Potty Training At Last

I just started potty training Shern at 33 months, which was actually yestyerday. Yes, I know it is late. I have friends who started potty training their kids at less than a year old and I am still bewildered on how they did it!

We delayed potty training him for many reasons. First of all because of the South Africa trip and then him going to Playschool once we came back. But the main reason of all is because his mum is lazy! It was so easy just chuck him a diaper and voila, no mess in the house. (yes, I am the guilty one.)

But then I got tired of using my hands and cleaning his poo on his bum and him being the last kid in the universe to be potty trained. And also seeing that Shern was ready. He knows it when he pees and poos (because he will not allow people to go near him when he poos).

So yesterday, I told Shern that I am taking out his diapers and he will be only wearing his pants. And he must tell mummy when he wants to 'shi shi'. If not he will wet his pants and the floor and mummy will get upset. He said 'ok' so this was how it went!

He will tell me 'mummy, Shern-shern wants to shi shi already'. Then I will quickly bring him to the bathroom and then let him pee in his small potty. The big toilet is a little bit too high for him to aim at the moment.

Yesterday alone, we got 6 successful pees in the potty, and 2 accidents. Well, accidents are expected especially on Day 1 of potty training. He was playing the iPad and I guess he got too engrossed with it. We did not scold him but just reminded him to tell us when he wants to pee.
But overall, I think he did a great job! I am proud of him.

We still put a diaper on him before his afternoon nap (diaper came out clean and dry) and also during his sleeptime at night. All I want to achieve now is to let him tell us when he wants to pee while he is awake and aware. We will deal with sleeptime potty training later.


Susan said...

That's a very good start! Good job Shern! Till now, Sophie is still lazy and will prefer to pee and poo in her diapers eve though she knows when she needs to go.

tanshuyin said...

yes, it will take time and it all depends on the individual i think.
maybe u can try to talk to her n thus 'psycho' her. tell her that if she pees in the potty, she will be a big girl and a clever girl.

everytime after shern pees in the potty, he will self praise himself and say 'clever boy' coz that was what i told him and he seemed to happy and important!

Simonne said...

That's very good and save lots of diaper $$ too

tanshuyin said...

hie simonne,

thanks for visiting my blog. yes, definitely save money :)