Monday, March 26, 2012

Pee Accident-Free Day

Yesterday, Sunday, which is Day 4 of potty training was an accident-free day!
We had no pee accidents at all yesterday, so no mess to wipe and clean. Yay!

But of course throughout the day, I reminded Shern to let mummy know when he wants to shi-shi, especially when he is engrossed with his toys or something. Because I noticed, accidents tend to happen when he becomes too engrossed with his toys.
So I was the broken record throughout the day, saying 'Shern, tell mummy when you wanna shi-shi ok?' He will reply, 'OK'.

Even at night time after I put on diaper for him, and when he is not yet asleep and tells me he wants to pee, I will still quickly bring him to the bathroom and remove his diapers for him to pee in the potty. I do not want to give him mixed signals and ask him to pee in his diapers.
My job is to let him alert me whenever he wants to pee. And I want him to do so every waking hours.

So now seems like pee potty-training is going well. And now to better manage the poo potty training. Shern used to poo every single day. But since potty training started, he poos only once every alternate days. Is it him holding his poo because he does not want to sit in the potty? Hmm....we will have to see.

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