Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yiu-Shern - 29 Months

9 November 2011

The above 2 photos are proof that Shern really loves to eat sushi rice. He really loves them and could gobble up 4-5 pcs of those easy-peasy.

Shern likes to eat rice too, as in the normal rice we cook at home. He likes it with sauce. And usually I will throw in small pieces of fish or meat(which he calls bak-bak). Vege he is not so keen, but if in small pieces and he doesn't notice much then is ok.

This is the first haircut that he didn't end up having a crew cut. So no more spiky hair for Shern from then onwards. No more botak Shern.

House Monitor
Shern has become the house monitor. He would be the one who said these to us:
'Pho-pho, please don't out your leg on the table'
'Mummy, please wear shoes' - when we are in the car
'Daddy, please wear clothes' - when hubby wants to take of his shirt to cool himself

These are the things we asked him to do. So in return, he now checks on us.
Now we must all really do what we say, coz there is a monitor in the house now! :)

South Africa
Yes, this is the month which Shern flew off earlier with my Pho-pho, Kong-kong & Yee-pho to Cape Town, South Africa. And he spent the whole 6 weeks there, which I joined them later.

So since he flew off beginning of the month, there is not much updates of him in Penang. Most of the updates are of him in South Africa.
There, Shern loves the house there, where there is a huge garden and a swimming pool. He plays ball in the garden often and he loves the 2 dogs there.

Wen yee-yee and Ian Yee-cheung love him to bits. They couldn't stop pampering him, buying him treats often. And Wen yee-yee was looking for places to bring him there so that he would be happy. But overall, he loves it in Cape Town, because of the wide spaces for him to run about and also the cool weather.

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