Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Bout of Stomach Ache - 11 Weeks

I spent the whole yesterday night curling myself up in a ball because I had such a tummy ache. I was awake from 2am-6am. I couldn't sleep because it was so painful. The pain was like those tummy ache you feel when you ate something wrong and needed to get to the toilet, those rumbling, painful kind.
I tried going to the toilet. Nothing came out. Pain still there.
I even went to check my panty to see if there was any blood in it. I was so scared that I may be having a miscarriage or something. It seriously felt like those initial hours of labour pain.

Miraculously, the pain went away by itself at about 7pm. I did nothing. The pain just went away.
Even though my appointment with my gynae was not 'til next week. Mum asked me to go for a checkup anyway.

First of all, my weight plummet again. I am only 46.9kg. I lost 4kg in total. Wow.
Doctor asked me to eat more.

Doctor told me it is a mild food poisoning I was having. Nothing to do with my baby, and definitely not having a miscarriage!
I ended up having a long list of ultrasound photos!

I could see Little Bub having more shape now, which I could distinguish the face, legs, hands, etc.
Little Bub is about 2 inches long now at 11 weeks.

I will be visiting the gynae again next week for the 1st Trimester checkup. :)


Kate said...

you using same gynae? don't worry too much... i am sure your baby is healthy and growing. :)

tanshuyin said...

yes same gynae. dr eric.