Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Best Birthday Ever

I felt like a child on my birthday this year. I felt so pampered by hubby.

It all started a few days back when he took me to buy me an iPhone4. I was like it for real? I am someone who usually uses the same mobile phone for years and only change it when it is spoiled. My Nokia 6300 has a black patch on its screen but well, it is still functioning. So I was hesitating to buy a new mobile.
And now hubby got me the most trendy mobile!

Then the day I brought back my new iPhone4, my laptop decided to die on me. The screen went flickering on and off every 3 seconds. I got dizzy even when I was transferring my precious photos to a portable hard disk.
So that was how hubby was forced to buy me a new Dell Inspiron. :P
(It's actually not arrived yet)

Then when the clock struck 12 on my birthday, hubby and family surprised me with a mini weird cake cutting celebration.
Look at the photo below and you would understand why I said it was a weird cake. Hubby bought a few assorted slices of Secret Recipe cakes, but they were of different sizes. Some taller and some shorter and when we put them together, they looked kinda funny. And five slices were not enough to form a 'circle'.
Haha. But it is the thoughts that count, right?

I was actually already wearing my PJs and pinning my hair up when they suddenly arrived at my door front to celebrate with me. So I quickly changed and my hair was a mess. But I really love them for coming. And was so surprised hubby organized this, even though it was a messy cake. :)

And hubby also brought me my favourite Famous Amos double chocolate chip with pecan cookies that I refused to buy a week earlier because I wanted to be on diet. Haha.
And Wen bought me a lovely bowl with the prettiest design. I feel like I wanna put everything into it now just so that I can put it on display.

The next morning, hubby gave me another birthday pressie - A Radley bag. I am loving Radley after receiving one for Mother's Day last year.
This is a Radley St. James Tote Handbag in purple.

Then for lunch, hubby took me to Miraku @ G Hotel. I ordered my a Sashimi and Tempura Zen set and Fotomaki, and it was shared by the 2 of us.

Then I posed with my new Radley bag and hubby said I look like a salesgirl trying to sell off my Radley bag. :P

As Wen is in Penang, hubby bought the whole family for dinner @ Foong Wei Restaurant. We ate 'til our stomach bloated. There goes my 'stay slim plan' :P

And when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, hubby told us he bought me a Haagen-Dazs ice cream cake. My favourite Strawberry Cheesecake flavour. And that was what we had for supper.

I really feel so loved.
Hubby who is like the world's worst planner, gave me my best birthday ever. :)

And ohh...I'm loving my iPhone4. :D


p/s- Just fyi, I blew off my birthday candle twice this year because I had two birthday cakes. And I made two different wishes. :P


Yuan Sze said...

Happy Birthday, Shu-Yin!!

tanshuyin said...

thanks carol! ;)

Soo Huey said...

wow, really very pampered birthday! cool!!

happy birthday again (i assume u got my sms?)

and Happy Chinese New Year!

tanshuyin said...

shuey...yes i did receive ur sms! hehe. thanks!
and sorry, no pineapple tarts for u this yr. too bz with wen back and all!