Friday, January 21, 2011

Being A Big Boy For Not Crying

Every time whenever I left him with yee-pho in the mornings, Shern would definitely cry if he saw me leave. So I used to sneak out whenever he wasn't looking. I felt bad for sneaking out, but if he saw me leave, he would cry pitifully and yee-pho would have a hard time pacifying him.

I tried saying bye to him before I leave. I did. But he would surely be crying or even screaming whenever I leave. So sneaking out was easier for him and for me. For him, 'no see, no care'.

Then one day, Shern surprised me. I said bye to him and told him 'mummy going to work' and although he protested by shaking his head 'no', he did not make a big fuss when I left. He would whine a little and when I left, he continued watching the TV or playing with his cars.

I tried again the following day. It was another no-tears goodbye. I said bye to him and he tailed me to the door. He saw me leaving and made a whimper, but no tears. I hurried along, as I did not want him to change his mind and cry..

And this works for another few days. I was ecstatic! I could finally say 'bye-bye' and kiss my baby instead of sneaking out.
I don't know what has gotten over him that suddenly he is such a good boy.

I guess he grew up, huh?

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