Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everything Seems Ticklish To Shern

He was putting some powder on my face yesterday. And when he did, I made an exaggerated funny expression and Shern was so tickled, he laughed so much. He repeated it a few times with more laughter.

And then when he was about to sleep, he was playing with his walker. He pressed the alphabets and I was imitating the sounds. When he heard me, he was also so tickled by it and laughed as if it was very funny. See below video.

Everything seems so funny to him. Everything seems so ticklish to him. In Shern's life, it is full of laughter. So beautiful to my baby.


Shu-Min said...

the mummy also geli nya.. especially at the ending doing the 'boinkggggg' LOL

tanshuyin said...

where got geli. my voice so beautiful. shern loves my voice..kakaka