Monday, January 3, 2011

The Syringe

When Shern was an infant, I was given a syringe to feed him medicine. I find it an efficient way because infant do not know how to take a spoon yet.

Now that Shern is a toddler, he loves medicine taking. Haha. Maybe because usually kids' medicine is sweet like candy syrup. But he only takes his medicine with the syringe. No spoon. Just syringe.
So now whenever Shern has a fever, he is especially happy when he sees the pink colour medicine bottle and the syringe.

He will cheerfully open his mouth while I syringe feed him. And most of the time, he asks for more! Blueks!

3 January 2011


WendyinKK said...

Oh no, my girls shun at the sight of the syringe.
They prefer the spoon. Haha.
Weird right?

Julia said...

my girl loves medicine too. she calls it "sweet sweet" and whenever we open the fridge, she wants sweet sweet. Oh yes, the Pigeron PJs is real comfy!

tanshuyin said...

wendy...haha. they must have tasted bitter medicine with the syringe.

julia...yes...i really have no problem feeding him medicine.
and i love pigeon PJs. 100% cotton. they come cheap too. about rm10 per set when i bought it last time. heard that nowadays price increased dee to rm13 is it?

Julia said...

Yes you are right. I saw in jusco, RM13 already. Getting more expensive to bring up kids!

tanshuyin said...

yalor. 30% increase...that is a lot!