Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don't know if it is just me...but I am sweating like a pig for the past 2 days. I can feel my sweat DRIPPING down my body!

I have been sleeping with the aircond on for the past 2 nights. (super big achievement since our room aircond had been under-utilized since we bought it 2 yrs ago....used less than 10 times I think! hehe)

I read somewhere in The Star Online which says that this hot weather/dry spell is expected to persist until September.

I think I am going to die if the weather is still so hot during my confinement period. I think if it is so, I am going to break all pantang-larang and bathe every day!!!


chiaoju said...

it's the freaking weather. i can't sleep! so darn hot! gosh. if this goes on till september, some of us are bound to get heatstroke!!!!

i hope this gets better during your confinement period.

see u in a bit!

Mindy said...

Yup, it's super hot lately. And what did I do? I was crazy enough to go fishing at a beach in the sun at 5pm. :P

Elly Leong said...

I have suffer for the whole month without bath....except on my day 17. Soon I'm going to have my bath .....hehe... but I sleep in air con room every nite now and balut like mummy with sock and glove only I can sleep. if not with the sweat whole day and the food that we have to take during confinement make you sweat even more. Overall...I miss my bath but 2 more days to go...can't wait seriously. But Shu, change your cloth for every meal cause you be sweating a lot after the meal and we are not suppose to touch the water but warm water okie la like for mouth n hand after every meal and every toilet use. Conclusion, I hate confinement.

tanshuyin said...

cj...i for one sure get heatstroke during confinement period.

mindy...u? fishing? i cannot believe it!!!

elly....oohh..u also sleep in aircond room? icic! i think i cant tahan not bathing. it is a ridiculous pantang in our weather!

Mindy said...

I've know a lot of mothers who don't follow the pantang and they are still fine. So I shall never understand the logic of pantangs. :P

Yin How wanted to go fishing so I followed him cos I wanted to play with my camera. ;)

tanshuyin said...

mindy...did u go out fishing in a sampan? or juz by the seaside/lakeside?
i will NEVER go out on a sampan. i sure vomit like hell!

Mindy said...

LOL... you think Yin How will be so seriously to rent a sampan just to go out fishing ah? it was just at the beach.

tanshuyin said...

oohh...also not bad dee. peter will nv go fishing. haha.

missy_k said...

the hot weather is probably caused by the haze (read from The Star there was apparently a bad haze over the weekend).

luckily it rained cats and dogs this morning. rain, rain, please take away the heat with you. :D