Thursday, May 14, 2009

Butter Cake using Golden Churn Butter

I've baked butter cake a few times before but this is my 1st time baking it using Golden Churn Butter.
The price of a 250g butter is usually around RM10 in Cold Storage. When I saw it selling at RM7+ at Gama, I grabbed 2 of them immediately.

This time, I used the cake tin and not the loaf that there is a larger surface...more crust this way! ;)

It does indeed taste nicer than using Buttercup. But I find no difference when using SCS Creamery Butter.


chiaoju said...

golden churn is THAT pricey now eh? RM10? gosh... the last i saw it was still priced at RM7.50 or so.

if u use golden churn to make butter cookies, the taste would have brought u to heaven and back. it is THAT good. =)

i guess that's y it's so pricey?

Simonne said...

Aik, Golden Churn got comes in those cool butter? I only saw them in tin :P
Where is Gama btw?

tanshuyin said...

Hie simonne,

Gama is in Penang. :)
Yeaps...golden churn comes in those cool butter at the dairy section. those in tins are usually at the baking section.

btw, nice baking blog u have. :)