Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uniquely Fusion @ Francis Fusion Western Food

It was our first time to Francis Fusion Western Food @ Guan Hiang Coffee Shop.
The coffee shop is located at the corner of the Plus Zone traffic light junction in Pulau Tikus (somewhere opposite Maxim Cake House).

I had the Baked Bacon Wrapped Chicken (a healthier choice) while Peter took the Chicken Chop.
Both our orders were served with 2 slices of delicious garlic bread.
And mine came with baked potatoes while Peter's was with french fries.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken (Baked) - RM14.50

Chicken Chop - RM7.50

The portions are huge. No wonder there is not many choices of side dishes available.
We noticed that there was no soup menu (which we find weird!)

Anyway, I find the food really special and taste is good. I think it is quite value for money, given the big portion and good food.

It has been a month or two since I last met up with Chin Peng. And it has been ages since I last saw Tse Ling.
So we had a nice time chatting and laughing.

Chin Peng, me & Tse Ling


Soo Huey said...

How come so near my hse but didnt invite me wan?! :(

tanshuyin said...

hahha...yaler hor...forgotten to call u out pulak.
bcoz actually didnt plan to eat there wan. last minute eat there so forgotten to call u!

Mindy said...

I went to that place once. I find the food there very nice.... but gotta wait very long ler.....

tanshuyin said...

Mindy...yes...we waited nearly half an hr before the food arrives. i think coz uncle francis cook/bake/fry every dish himself!