Friday, May 1, 2009

Banana Muffins with Chopped Chocolate Pieces

Chun Huey called me last night and asked me if I want to have some bananas. I said 'yes, of course!' but little did I know that they were super duper too-riped bananas!

I had no choice but to bake them immediately when I woke up this morning. As our family loves chocolate, I chopped some chocolate pieces and threw them into the batter.

Look at the chocolate pieces and small chunks of bananas in my muffins.

Turned out nice and brown...the way I like it!

Actually, I have not tasted it yet. Too full as I cooked carbonara pasta with garlic bread for lunch! *Burp....excuse me.


Shu-Min said...

sedap sedap sedap!!!!

yi ting said...

can i join in the EATING part?? haha.....joking joking.... Hey AUNTY!!!!

tanshuyin said...

Min...yeah..this one sedap!

Yi 1st wanted to let u eat wan...deliver to ur hse summore. mana tau u call me aunty....everything CANCELLED!

Jen said...

leng lui~
when will it be delivered? ^^

tanshuyin said...

my baby arr?
another month lor. given EDD is 9th June!