Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maternity Portrait#1 of the '3 of Us' - Me, Peter & 'lil Angel - by Lim Kee Sitt

You can view the '3 of us' in Kee Sitt's blog.
He was our wedding videographer and now he is our friend.

Oh my belly looks so huge!
Give some comments after viewing ok?


chiaoju said...

love the pic with u in that black dress.

and yes... ur belly is huge! but u're looking great. =)

talk to u soon!

Mindy said...

Nice... more photos please!!

Shu-Min said...

ur belly looks really big in the photos. haha

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju...yeaps. my belly is big. SOON dear SOON...

Mindy...6 photos not enough ar?

Min...real life also looks big wat!

Jen said...

wow... it's really big @.@

Andi said...

Hello, Shu-Yin! I came across your blog while I was searching for other people's pregnancy blogs. They make me feel better because I know I'm not alone!

I am only 22 weeks pregnant, but it already feels so long! I've enjoyed reading your blog and your tummy looks cute and small to me!

tanshuyin said...

Hie Jen,
haha..long time u didnt see me dee!

Hie Andi,
I am glad my sharing in my blog is helping u with ur pregnancy.
22 weeks is already halfway through! ;)
keep in touch!