Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Blogging History

I'm not sure if this is my 3rd or 4th personal blog. My first ever blog was BUILT FROM SCRATCH (with friends' help of coz) using Macromedia Dreamweaver software - and I am still very proud of the blog.

I started blogging in year 2003 (after much persuasion from Ndru Tan) when I was in Melbourne, Australia. I met many new friends and was hooked to the blogging world. Unfortunately, my blog became dead after I came home to Penang and started working. In Melb, i have loads of time. Back in Penang, i didn't seem to have time to do anything - 24 hrs a day wasn't enough for me.

Then i evolved and when I was engaged, i started a Wedding Blog (thanks to Mindy Loo) and had fun blogging about my wedding preparation. After my wedding on 27 Oct 2007, the blog became obsolete. Sigh...

And now my fingers are itching to blog here I am again! :)


J said...

hmm.... finally I catch hold of your life update thru this blogspot... please don let it die/obsolete again ya!

tanshuyin said...

will try my BEST :)
Ehh..mana urs? last time i caught hold of ur life thru the photo website that one mati dee..