Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Knee Hurts

"Ligament tear" is what the doctor said. I didn't know that I can tear my ligaments while sleeping. I practically did nothing to exert pressure on my knee ligaments.

My knee is hurting now. Everytime i bend my knees, it hurts. And once it is bended, I cannot straighten it, it hurts.

Dr. Jit prescribed anti-flammable pills for me and some liquid to apply. "Come back and see me in 2 days' time if you don't get better" was what he said.

Jamie's drawingBut I did go swimming yesterday. Actually, i did not swim. I was just bobbing on the swimming pool taking care of my niece, Jamie.
She just came back from Singapore and she drew us a really cute drawing with Peter & I in a house. (pls click for a larger image)
She is only 4+ yrs old and she is very manja. She just learned how to swim so she was eager to show off her swimming skills to us. I was surprised that she can dive too. Talk about guts!

I was so afraid of water when I was a kid. I only learned how to swim when I was in secondary school *blushes*.


J said...

ouch.. that would be so painful.. poor shu-yin..
I was thinking could it be just ligamen tear due to sleeping ??? *BIG QUESTION MARK* I would think the ligamen tear could be due to wild exercise before sleep.. bluek!!!

tanshuyin said...

Haha. Peter & I are not WILD animals. Actually my ex-colleague also told me the same thing u said..BEDminton exercsise she said!