Friday, May 30, 2008

Home-made yummy & delicious Pizzas!

Yummy...delicious! I made pizzas today for dinner. A very simple recipe (thanks to Janette sis!) and with some modification...hey, presto!...dinner was served!

Step 1: First, buy a loaf of white bread. Mine is Gardenia's.
Step 2: Spread it with ketchup/tomato sauce.
Step 3: Add in the ingredients (chopped onions, button mushrooms, sausage pieces & chopped pineapple cubes) - anything up to you!
Step 4: Spread it with shredded cheese (i used Kraft singles cheese slices b'coz I dont have shredded cheese)
Step 5: Bake it in the oven for around 15 mins @ 180 degree celcius temperature.
Step 6: Pizza is served piping hot with melted cheese!
Pizza with all the ingredientsTopped with s slice of cheeseEnd product...yummy!Eaten together with Chicken soup
Ah-yee & Shu-Min came to my house and tried them as well. I cut them into bite-size and ate it with Campbell's Chicken Soup...ahh..."mou tak teng"!


Shu-Min said...

puji diri sendiri wan.. aiyerrr...
but ok la.. PASS!!

the campbell soup tat i make.. PASS also leh! hahaha

tanshuyin said...

hahaha..Passed with Distinction!

Catherine said...

haha i made these once too. Learnt the recipe from a mag I was reading while warming down from my workout session hehe..

Mine was with lots of mushrooms of coz! And yup pretty yummy and crunchy :D

No pix though..LOL

p/s: I see that you have the LibraryThing book collage up! Add me at Librarything, afterthought is the nick. And peen's there too ;)

tanshuyin said...

MY..u used shredded cheese, or did u use single cheese slices like me?

yaya...too many books..lazy to add the books at librarything. haha..i added less than 10 nya. when got time i add more. oohh...librarything can add friends also wan arr? haha..i didnt know that!

Anonymous said...

wah u can cook? u nearly killed me wif ur cooking in melb

tanshuyin said...

dont lah caci me!
i juz told my mum u make nice mashed potato!
see...i praised u but u caci me! :(

Catherine said...

I used single cheese slices but i cut them into long-ish slices and arranged them vertically and horizontally..haha I dunno what's the word for it, sth like weaving-ler :P

yeah, can add friends one :)..haha it took me quite some time to add all those books in too at the beginning but it's easy now since I only update when I get new books keke

J said...

looks delicious! I need to make my own pizza following your simple recipe... i hope its edible and not burnt! hahaha.. u know me la.. i can't even fry an egg.. i just wonder how i passed my campus badge cooking test...miracle do happens agree?