Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa @ Pavilion, KL

entrance I want to dedicate a post to the experience Peter & I had during our trip to Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa @ Pavilion, KL in March 2008.

It is a really interesting spa where little fish called Garra Rufa exfoliate the dead skin on your feet by nibbling them. They are commonly known as “Doctor Fish” for their effectiveness in assisting eczema and psoriasis patients in their healing process.

With RM38 for 1/2 hour treatment, all you have to do is to dip your feet into the water tank and a school of fish will come to you and start nibbling your feet until it is silkily smooth and clean!

Peter & I joined many curious onlookers as the customers dipped their feet into the water tank. I feel that RM38 is a little expensive especially when we have to x2 for 2 person. And we are also quite ticklish people. Surprisingly, we see no one wiggling or pulling their feet away. So we decided to come back the next day to try it out as it was quite full by that time!

The following morning, nice and fresh, we were the first few customers and were eager to try it out. After getting a queue receipt, we were asked to go to a special corner to wash out feet and to put our shoes on a shoe rack. Then, we were being seated at a very nice japanese-style theme area and....time to put our feet into the water tank.

Oh my was so ticklish...haha. Maybe it was just me...but no...Peter was ticklish as well. We forced our feet to stay under the we already paid RM76! Our toes were all curled up as they were very ticklish.

However...after about 5 mins, we started relaxing and I started to feel good. The nibbling feeling was getting nicer and more enjoyable and we were reluctant to take our feet up after 30 mins.

Once your 30 mins are up, a staff will come around with towels for you to dry your feet and lead you back to the washing corner to clean your feet again.

Did my feet feel any smoother and silkier? It surprisingly did and felt really nice, smooth and silky! Will I be back again? Definitely!
All in all...I think it is worth it for the experience and once you can get past the ticklish feeling during the first 5 mins, you will LOVE it!

(watch our video - these sexy legs being nibbled by "Doctor Fish" belong to Peter and me)


J said...

i like the feeling too.. spa is always BEST! don't you agree??
you can try fish spa @ 1-utama.. maybe its cheaper

tanshuyin said...

Wah..1-utama also has fish spa? OK, im going there in July. Will try it out! :)
And yes..i LOVE spa!

J said...

hey now the fish spa is in Penang! Happy Feet @ new world park and there is another one @ gurney drive chasers... Pat told me that she wanted to try it out but i ask her to think about others having skin diseases soaking in the same water together with her.. hahaha i probably scare her away