Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's 31st Once Again!

Today is the 31st what is so great about today? is Baskin Robbin's 31% discount day! As usual, the Baskin Robbin's Prima Tanjung outlet is full of ice-cream lovers. I had to squeezed my way into the outlet to get a queue number. Mine was #370. "Was I the 370th customer they served today?" I had no idea.

You know what I like most about Baskin Robbin's? I love Baskin Robbin's Rum & Raisin flavour. It is absolutely mouth-watering and irresistable. It never fails to cheer me up whenever I am down with this 'rum flavoured ice cream with yummy raisins'.

Anyway, I find the service there terrible and there is something wrong with the system they are currently using to attend to the customers.

First of all, everyone is required to get a queue number. Ok, nothing wrong with this.
Then, once your number is called, go up to them and let them know what size and flavour you want. Then they will issue you a order slip with your number stated on it. They will then pack your orders for you.

Now, comes the messy part. The cashier also calls out numbers for you to proceed to the payment counter to make payments. So as long as you number is not called, you are not allowed to make payments.
Then there is this guy next to the cashier who distributes out the ice-creams which are already packed. The cashier called out "#658!" Customer#658 person went to payment to counter. "#659!" Customer#659 went forward, and so on and so forth.

The guy next to the cashier then called out "#675" seeing this ice-cream already in the fridge being packed.
How stupid...the cashier is calling up 'til #659 and the guy is asking the Customer#675 to collect his/her ice-creams. How ridiculous! Calling a "future" number whom the customer obviously have not make his payment.
The guy then continue to call other "future" numbers, when he can obviously hear what number the cashier is calling out! And the cashier is also not correcting him! Arghh.!

I couldn't wait for my turn to be called and just got out of there asap. I complained it to Peter the second I saw him outside the outlet.

I don't know if any of you understand what I am complaining about - now that I am re-reading my entry, i find it confusing to understand. Haha..but then I feel that I must post this. I don't care if nobody understands it!


Shu-Min said...

read it halfway and i decided not to understand it.. it's CONFUSING! lol

so kesimpulannya, u bought rite? i wanna eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tanshuyin said...

haha..i bought yes...but no more Very Berry Strawberry flavour. So i bought Rum & Raisin of coz, Chocolate (ur favourite!) and Jamoca® Almond Fudge (this not so nice)

Mum said tomorrow all of u all coming to my hse for dinner...Pizza again coz they have not tried it. So u can come eat the ice-creams then.