Monday, October 3, 2016

Thomas & Friends - Mini & Mighty Malaysia Tour 2016 @ Gurney Paragon!

Shern & Khye With Spencer and Friends - 2 Oct 2016

Calling all Thomas & Friends fans.....and all train/engine fans!
Please chug along to Gurney Paragon now to see with your own eyes the Mini & Mighty Malaysia Tour 2016!
(Warning: Loads of photos in this blog post!)

We saw the poster a week back and we were all excited because my kids are huge train fans. Shern was and still is a train freak since he was very small, although not he is more into the sophisticated trains like the Flying Scotsman and the Mallard (as a mum, you become a train expert too!). But then Thomas and Friends still has a dear place in his heart.

And so we chugged along to Gurney Paragon this morning. We purposely went there at 10am to avoid the crowds and to have better photo opportunities without the crowds.
And we were right. We were able to take photos of a row of trains without other people in the frame! :)

We were rather amazed by what we saw. We felt that we were in Thomas Town already. :)

The kids were also excited and ran to take photos with their favourite individual trains.

Without looking at the engines' numbers, they could tell which is Thomas, which is Edward and Gordon, although the 3 of them are blue engines. 
They told me they could recognize their facial expressions! 

 I only managed to take 1 photo with the boys, together with the Superhero Engines.

And then after Vern woke up, he also had fun walking around touching the engines. 

There was a children's maze and the kids had fun running around the maze. 

Vern joined in too, although there was once he got lost in the maze and he panicked a little, crying for help. Shern koko went to guide him out. 

Look at his happy gleeful face when he found the way out!

There were also 2 tables which has the thomas running on tracks. 

There was the Tidmouth Sheds on the stage and it looked great too. 

Then they started giving out balloons and that was when the kids go wild playing with the balloons, especially Vern. 

Vern was playing with the balloons and running around. When we were about to leave and took the balloons away from him, he started crying.

There was a Rusty and Dusty Meet and Greet session and we waited for that. 

You get to take pictures with them for free!
I love the photos they took with my kids. So cheery and happy!

There is also a Thomas Train Ride.
But the thing is you need to spend RM200 (a max of 2 combined receipts) in any outlets in Gurney Paragon to be entitled for 2 tickets for the train ride. 

To tell the truth, the train ride is not very worth it. It moves in a small circle and the ride finish within less than 5 mins. But then the kids were looking longingly at the train ride.

Hubby and I were scratching our heads on how to spend RM200 without buying rubbish/useless stuff. We in the end decided to have lunch in Paragon and then went to purchase the tempered glass to replace my broken one for my iPhone. And these two combined was RM200 so we got 2 tickets.



Sitting on Clarabel's carriage for the ride. 

Hubby carrying Vern and running along with the train as it chugged by. 

A short clip on the train ride.

Shern also answered some questions and won a Thomas Pencil Case. Khye is very happy!

It was a good morning indeed! The kids had fun, and both are best friends holding hands walking to catch some Pokemons before we left Paragon! :)

The trains/engines will be in Gurney Paragon until the 16th October! Don't miss it!


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