Saturday, August 31, 2013

On Board Lady Martina Water Limousine on Merdeka Day!

A beautiful clear, non-hazy, Saturday morning. Perfect for a boat ride. ;)

Thanks to our good buddy, YB Soo Huey, my friends and I got to be one of the first few to enjoy a ride on the Water Limousine from Straits Quay to E&O Hotel.

Taking photos while waited for the other 20+ people. 

The jetty was bumping up and down as so many of us stepped on it. I hate unstable ground, as I have motion sickness.
Ok, a photo with YB just before we boarded Lady Martina.

Me on board at last, and with no motion sickness pill. *proud of myself*
Bye-bye Straits Quay.
A photo with my friends at the back of the boat, erm...water limousine.

We sped off from Straits Quay jetty...

'Til we saw that the Citibank building?
Then we saw Komtar....

Actually on board, Komtar was kinda 'lost' amidst all the other buildings because Komtar is located inner into the town, and is not along the beach line.

This is the panaromic view of the skyline from our view.
Photo credits: Catherine Tang.

About 15 or 20 minutes later, then we saw the E&O Hotel nearby Komtar.

I actually didn't realize E&O Hotel looks so grand. It reminded me of The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.
E&O Hotel looks so much more grand and pretty from the coastline, then from the entrance. Spot the E&O Jetty on the left. And also a little bit of the Malaysia flag on board on the top left corner of this photo, just right for Merdeka Day today. ;)

This is the Lady Martina. 

I likey the E&O Jetty because it doesn't bump up and down and it was very stable, just like I was on solid ground. But heard that it takes a lot of money to build this jetty. But is OK i think because people like me appreciates it. Lol. :)

There you are, the much appreciated non-bumpy, solid ground E&O jetty. :D

The beautiful and grand and colonial-looking E&O Hotel.

Love the rocks on the coastline.
My good friend Peen and I walking hand-in-hand. We haven't done that since primary school. :)

We had some drinks in E&O Hotel. Some of them had brunch, but I only had a Mocktail called Eastern Greetings which tasted yucky. Too lime-y and soury taste.

After about 1 hour, we boarded Lady Martina again for our journey back to Straits Quay. This time, we said bye to E&O Hotel.

The skies got more beautiful, with bluer skies and pretty clouds. But it was hot on the boat, too hot for the outdoor seats.

A photo of YB Yap Soo Huey and me ;)

Then Pat came to kacau. Haha

Ok, I think this is the only photo I had of our group of friends.

It was a beautiful morning. Good friends, good weather.
Thanks Soo Huey for this experience!
And I'm so proud of myself for enjoying the water limousine ride so much, even without taking any seasick pill! Yay!

I'm definitely going to bring Shern for this ride once they launch it next week. He's going to love it!

OK, Let me end this post with a beautiful photo of the Pearl of the Orient skyline, photo by talented Catherine Tang.

And ohhh....HAPPY MERDEKA Malaysia!

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