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Yiu-Vern - Week 3 & 4

28 July 2015 - Vern @ 3 Weeks Old


It was a long battle with Vern's prolonged jaundice. I want to jot down the details for future reference, so here goes:

After 4 days without testing and when we back on Monday, his bilirubin level went up again to 267 on 3 August.
I was already getting frustrated as Vern has been hospitalized twice for photo treatment and his bilirubin level was still going up. 

So I tried the formula method that I tried on Shern which worked, that was to switch to formula milk for about 48 hrs, and hoped that it goes down after that then switch back to breastmilk.

And so I did that. Went to Tesco and bought Anmum for infant and started him on formula. He took the bottle well (luckily!) and even gulped down the 2oz formula I gave him. 
3 Aug 2015

However, we continued to breastfeed at night.
And that was also the first time he did not poo the whole day!

On 2nd day of formula feeding, his bilirubin level came down a little to 240. Day 2 on formula and still no poo.
There was an incident where Vern vomited out the formula and it even came out from his nose, and I was so scared at that time, fearing that he would choke! Luckily all was ok. 

The following day, his bilirubin level dropped just a little to 230 and still no poo. That was 3 days without poo and I was getting worried. 
So when we saw the Klinik doctor, we told her our concerns and she also agreed on switching it back to breastmilk as the sb level did not go down much, and also to let baby poo. 
So that was our stint of 48 hours of formula feeding (but still breastfeeding for night feedings). 

The next day on 6 Aug, we saw the golden poo, hahaha. 
It was literally golden in colour, but texture-wise was different from the usual watery breastmilk poo. It was a little more solid but still soft. Something like mud-texture. 
But still, it was a very welcoming sight after almost 4 days of no poo. #lifeasamummy #nopooworrytoomuchpooalsoworry

And much to our dismay, his bilirubin level increased again the following day (7 Aug) to 253. 
We called up Dr. Dan and he told us that a 3weeks+ baby can tolerate level up to 340.

All the suntanning in the morning didn't really help. 
31 July 2015

On 10 Aug at the klinik, Vern's  bilirubin level increased a little to 261. Was being scheduled to do a repeat test end of the week.
But on 12 Aug, we brought Vern to see Dr. Dan as he caught a slight flu from his brothers. Dr. Dan saw the history of his jaundice level increasing all the way and advised us to take him for another round of blood test, just to reconfirm his liver function and everything else is normal. 
Dr. Dan told us that breastmilk jaundice causing prolonged jaundice is normal, but usually not at such high levels. 

Received the call from Dr. Dan later in the day and he had good and bad news to tell us.
The good news was that his liver was alright, and the bad news was that his bilirubin level went up to 340! And so Dr. Dan said he felt that it would be better for Vern to be admitted for photo treatment to bring his level down. And so that was how Vern was admitted for photo treatment for the 3rd time!

The next 2 days in the hospital saw his bilirubin reading dropped from 340 to 224 the following day, and to 119 on the 14th Aug 2015, which was the day he turned 1 month.
And so thankfully, Vern was discharged on his fullmoon!
14 August 2015

Swaddling and Sleeping

Vern likes to be swaddled. He sleeps better being swaddled up tightly. 
So most of the time, even during daytime, he was swaddled up one way or another. 


But my favourite swaddle so far has got to be this Love To Swaddle UP Lite Swaddle Blanket that I mentioned before 3 years ago when I gave birth to Khye. 
It's because it is with a zipper and it swaddles really well. 

Paediatrician Visit & Weight Gain
2 August 2015

Somehow Vern couldn't seem to gain much weight on his first month of his life. 
For his first month paed visit, we went only 1 week later because of his still high jaundice level at 1 mth old. But his weight gain was still only 400+g from his birth weight. Dr. Dan said it was alright as long as he is gaining.  

And he was being jabbed the 1mo Hep B jab. He cried a little like 5 secs and then went quiet again.

Vern's Growth Measurement
Age - 1 month @ 20 August 2015
Weight - 3.70 kg
Length/Height - 53 cm
Head Circumference - 36cm


Vern sleeps reasonably well in his first month. Maybe it might be due to his prolonged jaundice, or may be due to him being still an infant in his first month of life. Either way, I was quite happy with his sleeping pattern.

During the day, he sleeps in this 'First Year's Close and Secure Sleeper' I mentioned about before. 
I put Vern in it on our living room sofa and he sleeps there amidst all of us during the day. 
7 August 2015

And at night, he sleeps with me on my King-sized bed. We co-sleep because it makes direct latching him easier in the middle of the night. 

And during his waking hours, I would put him on his rocker, and he would have some quiet time staring at his hanging toys. And when he was bored with it, he would scream and fuss until I carried him up. He still does this until now. :P
10 August 2015

And back in pho-pho's house, he sleeps on the traditional bouncer. He looks soooo small in comparison to the bouncer. :)
14 August 2015


He has quite a lot of expressions even in his first month. 

28 July 2015 -  Week 3

6 August 2015 - Week 4

8 August 2015 - Week 4 

Pho-pho a.k.a Confinement Lady

Vern with Pho-pho taking a photo together. Pho-pho is the person who carried Vern the most in the first month besides me, of course. 

30 July 2015 - Popo with Vern

Hard Work Being Mummy to 3 Kids!

It is really no easy job being a mummy to 3 kids, especially in the first month where everyone needs getting used to a small baby being in our lives.

And I guess it must be especially difficult for Khye, as he had always been the baby of the family before the arrival of Vern.

And so it was really understandable when Khye asked for cuddle times from me. I tried to give in to his demands as long as it was not too much. 

There was once when Khye wanted to nap next to/near me. (The kids usually take afternoon naps in the living room). As he saw that I was carrying baby Vern to sleep, he climbed up on my legs and wanted to nap there. Pho-pho said she would carry him but Khye refused. We let him be.
I knew that all he wanted was to be near mummy. 

So in the end, Khye napped on my legs until he fell asleep and then we carried him to the sofa. :)
1 August 2015

Selfies With Mummy

So what did we do when only me and Vern at home? 

We take selfies. Haha.
Actually I suck at taking selfies. But they say practice makes perfect right?

I know I am far from perfect, but it doesn't matter. As long as all our faces fit into the screen, I consider it a success for now! ;D

Khye joined in for some selfies of me and baby Vern.

8 August 2015

And finally, Shern joined in too after hearing our laughs and giggles!Life after all are rather fun with having 3 kids around! ;D
8 August 2015

Vern has been sitting, or rather sleeping, in his infant carseat diligently during car rides. I hope this lasts!
We have also been using it as a rocker when we go to friend's house or so it has been useful.
14 August 2015

Khye giving a peace sign as baby Vern slept peacefully next to him in his infant carseat/rocker.

With Vern turning 1 month old, we experimented on wrapping him up using my different wraps that I have. This is one of them.
Vern looks so cosy and secured underneath my wrap. We are both loving it. :)


14 August 2015


And the very next day, we celebrated Vern's fullmoon party.
Read all about Vern's Little Man Fullmoon Party here

And that sums out the first month of baby Vern! :)

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Looking at all the delightful cuddle moments with your bub makes me miss the newborn baby days all over again. Sigh. I love the picture of you wiped out on the lounge chair holding vern and khye... paints the picture of utter exhaustion+love+cuddles perfectly.