Saturday, October 20, 2012

Top 8 Newborn Essentials

At last, I survived my one-month confinement period. Khye is now 1-month old and just celebrated his fullmoon. Now, I want to share the secret of me surviving this first month ordeal with a newborn. I'd written a post on Top 5 Baby Essentials about a year ago. This time, I want to update this and called it Top 8 Newborn Essentials.

Khye is almost a month old and I feel that these are the things that make my life so much easier as a mum. Heck, they even kinda make me a super mum!

1. The Cheapo Portable Trolley

I got this from a friend who was doing spring cleaning. She wanted to throw 2 of these trolleys away, but I asked her to give me them. They are light, cheapo trolleys which you can buy them at any departmental store in the home department for about RM30 to RM40.
I used one of these trolleys for keeping my scrapbooking supplies, and the other as my portable newborn supplies (above pic).

They are great because they have wheels and are very portable. I can easily wheel it in the room, or in the living room, wherever baby is. I can even put it in a corner when guests are here, as not to clutter the living room.

As a newborn supplies trolley, this is how I allocate the space:

On the top rack, i arrange those diaper rash balm, first aid lotion, and other creams and ointments in a basket, together with baby cotton buds, and nail clippers, etc. On that top rack I also placed the wipes box for easier access.

On the 2nd tier are filled with diapers/muslin cloths. 'Nuff said.
On the 3rd tier, I put Khye's clothes. PJs and short sleeved tops and also his many hankies.
On the bottom tier are Khye's swaddle blanket, towels, hats, mittens and booties.

The best thing about these trolleys are that they store easily when not in used. The trays can be stacked up for storage and take up very minimal space. I love them.

2. Angel Baby Bottom Balm

This is an item I stumbled across quite recently when I was doing online shopping for organic baby products. I'm so glad I found it as I love it.
Mostly I use it as a diaper rash balm for Khye. I use it for every nappy change as breastfed babies usually poo a 'lil everytime they pee. I bought the bigger bottle which is 60 ml/ 2 oz, and even after a month of using, it still looks barely used. (mind you, Khye changes 15-20 diapers a day!).

Besides that, I also use it on my 3yo son Shern for mosquito bites, minor cuts and wounds, and some rashes. I basically treat it as a minor first-aid balm. It's like the miracle jar in the house.

3. My ever trusty Avent Manual Breast Pump

I'm still using the same Avent Manual Breast Pump that I used to breastfeed Shern 'til he was 1 1/2yo. But this time, I bought the double electric pump and asked a friend to bring it back for me from US. However, I still use the manual one more, as it is more portable, and I can pump it anywhere.

This pump gave me comfort when I had engorgement in the hospital during the 3rd and 4th day. And even when at home, it helps to drain out the excess milk after Khye finished suckling. I even managed to express 5oz on my 5th day postpartum.
Trust me, buy a decent breast pump, and it will become your best friend throughout your breastfeeding journey.

 4. The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub

27 Sep 2012 - almost 2 weeks old
I've blogged about it here and here before, but I still want to list this here, because I find this tub is really useful.

Its deep, ergonomic design holds newborn Khye securely for easier bathing, and I love that the tub is lined with mildew-resistant pads for sanitary bathing and easy cleaning. These pads are also non-slip pads which is incredibly useful so that Khye can't slip in it. I find that it really gives me the confidence to bathe Khye in it. 

It is especially good for new mothers because when you put a teeny weeny baby into the water, they can be very slippery and difficult to grip. This is when the non-slip pads becomes incredibly useful.

Also love the small compartment at the foot of the tub which I find it useful as my top to tail cleaning tub. 

5. The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

Ok. this is perhaps a rather luxury item. But I love it. I used it for the first month for both Shern and Khye. And Khye is in his second month and I'm still using it. Guess I will be using it until Khye is able to turn. I think babies feel more secure in it than their big baby cot in their first month of life.

But the best thing is for the mummy. It is portable and thus I bring it out and place it on the big sofa chair in the living room so that I can always keep an eye on my babies.
And when I go back to the in-laws, I just carry it with us because it is small and portable.

My mum said she could easily make this from cardboard. Punch a few holes at the side to make it breathable. And then line it with some sponge and cloth and ta-da....homemade secure sleeper. Haha :)

Please remember to stop using it when baby knows how to turn and flip!

6. Swaddle Blanket - Love To Swaddle UP Lite

After my experience with Shern, I know that babies really love to be swaddled up. During Shern's time, I bought the Bumble bee swaddle blanket, and I hated it. It was way too small, and way too flimsy to swaddle Shern up properly. No matter how hard we tried to swaddle him in it, in less than 5 minutes, Shern's arms were always out and his swaddle gets loose, and Shern ended up not being swaddled and started making a fuss.
So this time, I decided to buy the zipped-up-kind of swaddle so that Khye will stay swaddled. Came across this Love To Swaddle UP swaddle - like the fact that these swaddle swaddle up babies with their arms up. It is said that baby is more well settled when swaddled with arms up. Bought one in the Lite model due to our hot and humid weather, and that we don't sleep in air-cond room most of the time. Well, Khye loves it. Not long later, I ordered another one online so that we could wash them and use them alternately.

Khye really sleeps longer when swaddled in these.

7. Infant Carrier Car Seat With Base - Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat

After I bought this Graco Snugride® 35 Infant Car Seat with base, Khye sleeps in it peacefully. There is no hassle of installing the car seat every time we places Khye in it. Just plop him in and buckle him up, and voila, we are good to go!

Khye @ 2 weeks old - 29 Sep 2012

Will be writing a review on this infant carrier car seat in more detail soon. :)  

 8. Ikea's Gullunge Babycare Mat

I didn't buy a changing table. I just got this white babycare mat from Ikea at RM24.90. I place it on the sofa and use it as a changing station already, like this:

This babycare mat has a Polyurethane foam filling that gives Khye a little extra padding for a quick diaper change, even on the floor. I like that it wipes clean easily and is soft. Best of all I love it for the the great price!

So these are the 8 Newborn Essentials that helped me survived my first month ordeal with baby Khye! Hope someone will benefit from this list of mine!


Elly Leong said...

Wah makes me want to have my 2nd child soon but not so soon..hahah...i love this blog cause it's very good for those mummy who is planning to have baby of their own and this kind of set the mood and mindset that confinement is not that bad after all. Thank you Shu Yin for sharing. Will you be at home this weekend?

tanshuyin said...

Having a second baby is tiring, but fun n happy n fuzzy too haha :)