Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shern's 6yo Birthday in His Kindy

Shern celebrated his birthday in his kindy before the school closed for the mid-term break.
This year is his last year there, and he was excited to celebrate it with his friends in school.

Shern helped me to pack the Party Packs for his friends.

This was what I prepared as Party Packs this year.
A Lunch Box I got from Daiso, yellow for the boys and pink for the girls.
In it, a packet of milk, a small box of raisin and some clips I got from Popular clipped to a paper that reads 'Lim Yiu-Shern's 6th Birthday'.

Got the Double Choc Cake from Brix & Baume because chocolate is his favourite flavour.
I took out all the toppings and replaced them with M&Ms.
Good choice I think as it was a hit with the kids and more than half came back for 2nd helpings!

Shern was pretty excited and when he saw hubby & I in his classroom. He told his friends 'This is my mummy & daddy'.
A photo of the birthday boy sitting on the special table!

A photo of Shern with us.

And a photo with his class teacher.

And lastly, a group photo with all his friends.
(I blurred out their faces because I am not sure if the parents are ok with their kids photos in my blog)

It was a simple half an hour celebration in school, but that made Shern a very happy and proud boy!


Angeline said...

Thanks Shu-Yin! Hannah enjoyed the M&Ms cake and she insisted on carrying the lunch box everywhere for the rest of the day haha.

tanshuyin said...

I'm glad she enjoyed the cake and the lunch box.
Your girl certainly tells u everything that is happening in school!
Shern clamps his mouth shut when I ask him about school stuff, i dunno y!