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Front Row Seats Down The Penang Hill Funicular Train!

Penang Hill - 9 February 2014

It was Penang Hill day last Sunday, so we woke the kids up early. Shern was excited on taking the funicular train again. The last time we went was about 1/2 year ago. 

The problem was always the parking. The infamous Kancil car park was still not yet ready, so there were no designated parking space for visitors going up Penang Hill. Hubby dropped us at the station, and then he went to search for parking space near the residential areas.

While waiting, we took a few photos. Behind the hill far away, we could actually see the train and its tracks. Shern posed for a photo there.
9 February 2014

Then Shern wanted to be the camera man, so these 2 photos below of Khye and me were taken by Shern. Not bad huh for a 4 1/2 yr old?
Khye was pretty happy too.

I was happy too because there was no big crowds queuing for tickets, so ticketing line was short. It was just a few minutes queue and we got our tickets. 
It must be because the previous night was "Pai Ti Kong" night so people were still in bed and thus less crowd? Anyway, I was not complaining, and rather enjoying the less crowded queues. 
Remember to bring your MyKad and MyKid there for special local ticket fares. 

While people whisked through the exhibit area on the way to catch the Train. Shern was very fascinated with it and we spent quite some time viewing the exhibits there.
Shern especially liked the different trains exhibit, and told me excitedly how the old funicular trains looked like.

We secured a seat next to the window and Shern was happy to have a lookout when the train was climbing up the hill.

It took about 6 minutes or so and we reached the top of the hill. It was a bit too fast for Shern and me. I preferred the old train which chugged up slowly, where we needed to change train at the mid-station. Haha. But then because this new train is so much faster, it cut short the waiting time, which I guess is much preferred by everyone.

It was such a bright, cloudless day that we could barely see the bottom of the hill. 

And as usual, Shern wanted to stay and watch until the train left the station. 

Watching the funicular train going down the tunnel.

Even then, Shern wanted to see how the funicular train tracks work, and saw the cables that pulled the trains. Shern is very into trains so all these things fascinate him to no end!

Up on the hill, we liked the row of colourful telescopes. For RM1, you could have a look through it. Shern liked spotting buildings and birds and ships through that!

And I liked that they provided wide stable step stools at kids height, making viewing through the telescope so kid-friendly! Thumbs up for this.

Watching his brother, Khye wanted to have a peek too. He knew how to put his eyes near there, but he would close his eyes when it touches his face. haha. Very cute indeed!

A photo of the view below, blocked by many trees. 

Then, we went up the Strawberry Hill, where David Brown Restaurant was situated.

Up at the restaurant garden, we settled on a bench and I took out some snacks I'd bought for my kids. They munched away their biscuits and raisins happily. 

While they were munching away, I had a walk around taking some photos of the beautiful place. No matter how many times I'd been here, I still love this garden.
With the pond in the middle, it is picturesque.

With my 2 kids standing there, the photos are even more beautiful, don't you think so? :)
The sun was glaring, thus their facial expressions.

Me and my boys. 

Daddy with the boys. 
Khye was showing his trademark face here! Wahaha.

There were many tadpoles and small fishes swimming in the pond. 

Shern was looking at the tadpoles, while I was keeping an eye on Khye, scared that he would fall into the pond. lol.

My kids must be very cute, because not only the people at the restaurant didn't chase us out (we saw one of them chasing other people out), my kids even got a Mandarin orange each from the kind waitress! 

I was looking for a decent photos of my kids sitting on these chairs, but I'd found none. It was either one of or both of them not looking at the camera. Or one or both of them were making funny faces. Haha.


Tried a snap with them and hubby, but nope as well. Khye was not looking, and Shern was busy eating. Sigh.

Then Khye ran off and walked about the gardens. So I took some photos of him.

Khye and his many expressions.

This shot below, again was taken by Shern. Told you he is quite good at it, right?

A photo of my 3 boys nearby the Sky Terrace.

Shern was still giddy happy here, so he was making all kinds of poses for my camera.

He was even making this ugly face for me which he found hilarious, but I thought it was ugly!

Khye was strapped to me.

The highlight of Penang Hill besides the train is always the playground. Well, to both my kids, that is. 
There were quite many kids there because of the gorgeous weather. So hubby had to keep an eye on Shern, while I had to keep an eye on Khye. Not taking any risk of one of them getting lost or anything. 
Since I was on Khye so only photos of him here.
We spent more than 1/2 hr at the playground and by the time they finished, they were sweating. Good workout!

One thing I'm quite proud is that Shern walked all the way this time, even up and down these steep stairs.
You see, Shern has always been lazy to walk and prefers sitting in the stroller. But we decided not to bring the stroller with us this time and we told Shern that he would need to walk all the way if he wanted to join us in Penang Hill. He agreed, and he kept his promise! 

Another highlight was the old funicular train display near the food court.

Shern liked to go in at the front and had a jump.

At the food court.

We had nasi goreng and ice-kacang.
Food here is not good. Out of 10 stalls, more than half sells nasi, though they use different names such as "nasi", "rice," "nasi goreng", "nasi goreng special", you get it?
The rice we had was tasteless and oily. But at RM8 with egg and chicken, it is cheap compared to David Brown's. :)
Ice kacang was not bad, though there were many stalls selling ice-kacang. So you need to be lucky to choose the nice one!

Outside the food court at the grounds, we saw a swing, and a periuk kera.


And then the SUPER HIGHLIGHT of this Penang Hill trip - Front Row Seats down the hill for the kids.
Actually, this was Shern's 3rd time sitting at front row seats. First time was with our family from the west. Yes, Shern is a lucky boy!

But this time, Khye was big enough to enjoy the front row seats privilege!

After a while though, Khye came up to me and sat on my lap, preferring to be near me. Still front row seats, though a little further back. :)

You can still see my feet next to Shern. :)


It was good to be able to capture the train's movement, from the time it approached the tunnel, and into the tunnel, until it went out the tunnel. It was really fun!

We saw a train being parked at the side of one of the side track. Hmm....

And we could see the oncoming train using the side track next to us. What perfect timing and and how sync both trains must be!
Shern waved bye to the train but it whisked us by too fast, it was gone in 2 seconds!

Our train stopped at the mid-station for one of the passengers to get down. 

And then off it went again.

And then we could see the bottom of the hill, the spectacular view of Georgetown. It was really pretty!

And then we almost reached our lower station and then that was it.

Shern was still looking at the train even when we reached. The guard saw how enthusiastic Shern was and even took a chair for him to stand on. What a kind uncle!
He even held the chair for him, so that it won't topple over. Thank you uncle. 

It was such a fun morning we had. 
In the car on the way home, both kids konked out, as expected!

We all love Penang Hill, and it won't be long until we visit it again!

Oh, here is a short clip on our experience having front row seats down the hill. Enjoy watching and experience a little of it with us. :)

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