Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: OXO Tot's Twist Top Water Bottle

3 February 2014 - Khye @ 16 mths

Another good quality product from OXO Tot brand.
This time is the OXO Tot's Twist Top Water Bottle.


The packaging of this water bottle is different from the rest of the OXO Tot's products I'd received.

There were no hard plastic that surrounds the water bottle. Instead it was wrapped by a loose sheet of cardboard paper with the brand name and some details. And also there was a strip of plastic which overhands the water bottle, for easy carry.
So this simple and easy packaging enable me to just peel away the cardboard paper, and cut away the strip of plastic to remove the packaging.

The water bottle feels sturdy and chunky. It is made of very good rubber and thick quality plastic. So this made the bottle very durable.

Upon reading and examining it, I learned that it has a twist top lid. Meaning, twisting the top of the bottle anti-clockwise will spring out the straw. And in order to hide the straw, you twist it again clockwise.


Love this twist top feature as this is hygienic as this keeps the straw clean. A twist of the non-slip lid reveals a soft straw that is comfortable to drink from

I also like that the straw goes all the way to the base of the bottle, and is tilted to one side, which means that you get to reach all the water in the bottle. 

And this bottle is wide-necked, meaning there is a large opening for filling and adding ice, if they were to serve the toddler some cold drinks.
But the best thing about a large opening to me, is that it is way more easy to clean! This is important to me as I clean and scrub my kids' water bottle daily, so ease of cleaning is important!

I like that the cup is transparent, so me as a mum could see the amount of liquid Khye drinks.
To give an even more better gauge, there are measurement in both OZ and ML .
This bottle is of a good sized at 300ml / 12 oz capacity. 

I also like the soft, carrying loop, as I could hook through the stroller belt or a toy strap, making sure it doesn't get dropped or lost when we take it out. 

Its sized and dimensions are 3" x 4.5" x 5.5", and weighs 5.35 oz, which is actually the perfect sized for a toddler's hands.
Look at how well the size it is as it sits in Khye's hands.

There is actually a dent in the middle of the bottle, making the middle part slimmer, easier for little hands to grip on. 

Khye actually just learned how to suck from a straw not too long ago, so the minute he knew how to, I happily took out this water bottle and then Khye sucks from it like a pro! Haha.

A few days ago, Khye was having a mild food poisoning, in which he vomitted several times and also had a bout of diarrhoea. During that time, he seemed very thirsty, and he kept on drinking water every few minutes from this water bottle. He even walks with it and kept sucking and sucking non-stop. In a span of 3 hours, I'd refilled the water bottle twice. 

Thank goodness for this water bottle, so that it makes drinking water easy, and thus he was kept hydrated the entire time, so I was not so worried.

And then Khye brings the water bottle with him and he plopped himself into his Bumbo Seat, and then continued sucking the straw and drinking from the bottle. 


And I think the most important thing for a toddler's water bottle is that it must be leak-proof. This means I could just pop this water bottle into any bag and have a peace of mind that it won't flood the bag and wet the contents inside the bag.
So I am glad that this one's leak-proof. And this cheeky 'lil fellow, being a 15 mths old toddler, sometimes like to drop the bottle in purpose, just for the fun of it, like these two photos below.
It also helps that it is a sturdy, chunky bottle.

And this Twist Top Water Bottle is also great for on-the-go. It fits nicely into the side insulated bottle holder pockets of my Storksak diaper bag. That's because the size of this bottle is perfect - not too big, and yet not too small.

When on-the-go, proof to be invaluable as well, and as I bring it with us during outings, my little cutie pie has water all the time and stay hydrated througout.

Those people who is lucky enough to own a dishwasher will be glad to know that this is dishwasher safe. And also good to note that it is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and also PVC-free.
So definitely peace of mind for us parents that this is a safe bottle for our kids.

The only bad thing for us now is that Khye is now a 'lil too young to be able to twist the lid all by himself. He hasn't got the strength, nor the motor skills to master this yet.
Anyway, this bottle is actually recommended for age 2+, and Khye's only 16 mths now.

But still, Khye and I super love this product, and I'll totally recommend this to any mothers looking for a good quality water bottle for their toddler!

I think I've fallen in love with OXO Tot's products.
They always amaze me with their top quality products!

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Please visit Bloom & Grow Asia for their list of retailers.
You can also visit their Facebook page for more info. 

* Disclosure: I received an OXO Tot's Twist Top Water Bottle  for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).


Serenely said...

I see something familiar in one of the photos :) glad it's being put to good use.

I usually don't go for bottles with straws nowadays as I find it a pain cleaning inside the straw. How do you manage that bit when cleaning the bottle?

tanshuyin said...


Thanks for the toy straps and clips and such. They are such lifesavers and I love all of them.

I hate cleaning straws too, but this one's ok. I guess there are different kinds of quality when it comes to straws? Some tend to mould more easily than others.

But anyhow I feel cleaning them daily and letting it dry on the drying rack before refilling them up again the next day helps a lot!