Friday, November 4, 2011

David Brown's Restaurant and Tea Terraces @ Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill

We brought Shern up Penang Hill again end of September. The last time we went up, Shern did not enjoy the playground because it was all wet due to the rain earlier.

So we were hoping it won't rain this time. The morning it did not rain, we brought Shern up. Shern as usual was very happy because he got to see his favourite railway tracks and trains.

That's him posing with the railway tracks far behind him ;)

30 September 2011

And he was equally happy he got to sit in a train.

And him smiling with the funicular train behind him.

Up there, we saw a row of newly installed brightly coloured telescopes. (Andrew, these are the ones you told me!)

Daddy was the one carried Shern up that flight of stairs, while mummy was panting behind! Haha.

Shern happily posing with daddy with the cannon.

As usual, Shern smiled until we couldn't see his eyes.
Sometimes I will just tell Shern 'Shern, look at mummy, but don't smile!' haha

Shern's eyes lighted up the moment he saw the playground. It was so much nicer to play there because the air is cooler in Penang Hill and you don't tend to sweat that much.

Shern saw this row of brick tiles on the ground and told me they were railway tracks. Well, they certainly looked like it!

Enjoying himself going through the tunnels.

And started drizzling. Oh no, we left our umbrellas in our car.
We quickly scooped up Shern from the playground and ran. Put a hanky on Shern's head to shield him from the rain.

We had nowhere to go as there were not many places with shade up Penang Hill.
We then decided to go to David Brown Restaurant.

He was happy with the hanky on top of his head and insisted we leave it there, even after we reached shelter.

So we walked up the stairs that led us up to Strawberry Hill.

Shern overlooking the pond amidst the pouring rain.

Gave Shern a box of chocolate milk while we were being seated.

We chose a seat near the pond and it was so nice, sitting there under the shade with the rain pouring away. Reminds me of the rainy afternoon in our apartment garden.

We knew prices there would be more expensive. I mean, it is after all tucked away on top of Penang Hill, a posh British colonial restaurant, surely nothing comes cheap.

But we were rather shocked at the prices. They were steep!
We ordered mushroom soup for RM18++ if I'm not mistaken. Although very tasty, the portion was very small. Just a little cup of soup.
And we were being served buns, not sure if they come together with our soup.

And that tall, thin glass of chocolate shake costs RM16++.
Taste wise was so-so but Shern was delighted with it as you can see.

We ordered one of the cheapest main meal there, which was Fish & Chips at RM38++. (the rest was like Rm40, 50and 60++)
We were not too hungry and thus we only ordered that. It was a dish 3 of us like. Shern loves fries and fish too.
But the portion was big. Enough for the 3 of us who were not too hungry.

Shern then walked in the restaurant and I was keeping an eye on him, afraid that he would knock over a glass vase or something and would end up paying a few thousand ringgit for it! haha

And then, Shern started shooing me away.
"mummy, go away".
Oh my, i knew what it meant. It meant Shern was about to do his big business.
And he was hiding behind the side wall playing with his toy car while shooing everybody away.

After about 2 minutes or so, he popped his head out to door and said 'mummy, fish'.
My son wants to be fed fish & chips while doing his business. How about that? haha.
So every few minutes, I spoon fed him a bite of the fish and then I went back to my table.

Some of the waiter and waitress went up to him to talk to him. I wonder if they could smell poo. :P

I was then eating slowly because I wanted to let him finish pooing and then bring him for a wash in their restroom. I figured that should be the cleanest restroom in the whole of Penang Hill!

After washing him up, it was still drizzling. We then ran to the Upper Station which was not far away and took the funicular train down.
Shern was all knocked out in the car!

David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terraces
Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill
Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 04-828 8337
Fax: 04-826 6337

Opens: 9am to 9pm daily


Shu-Min said...

shern looks so mature in his shirt!

Elly Leong said... nice to bring them up there i tell you...Cause last time i read at your blog, i bring my baby up. he loves it and david brown restaurant is really nice but the cost is really we were hungry and went to home to eat my MIL food instead hehee.......anything to do this weekend?

scarediechickenme said...

It's so funny when I read Shern hiding at the corner doing his big business and requested being fed with fish and chips.

Hahaha...funny Shern ^.^

tanshuyin said...

Min...yes he looks smart wearing shirt

Elly...yes the food there really too expensive. See menu wanna pengsan dee. That was y we ordered the cheapest main meal.

Wabbitfoot...haha yalor so funny. Shit also still think of eating!