Saturday, April 27, 2013

Penang Hill Yet Again

Last month, we went up Penang Hill yet again, the whole lot of us. It was Khye's first time going up, but Shern had been up for quite a few times already.But nevertheless, Shern was the excited one when I told him we would be going up Penang Hill. He was excited and happy that he would be sitting on a funicular train up the hill. Yes, my train-loving son could pronounce funicular (/fjʊˈnɪkjʊlə, fəˈnɪk-/) correctly!

So on a bright Saturday morning, our whole troop of 8 adults and 2 kiddos got ready for a visit up Penang Hill.
23 March 2013 - Penang Hill Lower Station

Waiting for the train at the air-conditioned waiting area.

Our tickets. We kept them as souvenirs for Shern because of the train picture on them. Shern loves the tickets. ;)

The funicular train is arriving...

Queueing to get up the train...

Scrambling to get down the train as we reached the Upper Station of Penang Hill.

The compulsory photo at this scenic spot.

Shern & Kong-kong posing for a photo with the train.

My big boy Shern posing.

Photos of the 4 of us.

We walked up Strawberry Hill to get to David Brown Restaurant for some views. We saw some lovely red plants...

A pinkish-white plant which is very pretty too...

Shern posing in front of the pond at David Brown's.

The 4 of us.Khye is looking at the camera too. Yay! ;)

Everyone else then take their turns..

I like these 2 photos of my parents. So loving.

Wen & Ian, the newly wed couple. :)


My dearie sis, Min.

Ok, the 3 sisters, and erm...with Khye 'coz I was babywearing him so he was stuck with me.

Shern and Pho-pho sharing a seat overlooking a gorgeous view of Georgetown.

Me & my mum with both my kiddos.

All the ladies, with my kiddos again.

Everyone...except for my dad.

Noticed most of us had our shades on? Yes, it was a bright and hot morning. We were all so sweaty even on Penang Hill. We were unlucky because there was not much breeze on that day. It was during the Penang heat wave season we had last month. So it was hot hot hot!

Look who was carrying Shern up on his shoulders. After walking down a flight of stairs, Shern said he wanted to get down because he was scared. Haha. He is not used to it.

Shern with hubby going into the old wooden funicular train on display next to the food court.

After that we were all famished and thirsty, and to avoid the sun, into the food court we went for some food and drinks. This is me & Wen preparing Shern's food. Look at Wen using a tissue to removed the oil-soaked fried egg. Haha.

After that it was Shern's favourite place in the whole of Penang Hill. The playground atop some flight of stairs. Shern was so happy just playing with the slides with his toy car.

Look at his happy faces.

Then the sky turned grey and it was about to rain. So we quickly walked to the Upper Station to catch the next train down.

Shern was all sweaty after playing at the playground. And Khye was asleep by that time.

Shern was lucky as the train driver gave him a spot with the other childrenat the very front row of the train, just beside the driver.

Shern was so, so, so happy.

He could see our train approaching the tunnel.

Our train inside the tunnel.

And he could see the middle of the tracks where there was another train in front of ours.

Seeing the train taking the track on the right, while our train kept on the left side of the tracks.

It was a good experience for Shern. He was happy.
It was a good trip up the Penang Hill.

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