Friday, February 21, 2014

Conversation with Shern @ 4 Years 8 Months

Conversation with Shern just get better and's some recent conversation I had with him.


Shern has been talking about Jesus / God a lot recently. This is one of the conversation we had.

Shern: Why is Jesus inside my heart?
Me: So that whenever you think of Him, He is so near to you, just in your heart. 
Shern: So you don't make me sad ok?
Me: Why do you say that?
Shern: Because when I am heartbroken, then Jesus will be broken because he lives inside my heart!
Me: "_"


Shern: Is Jesus more magical, or Santa Claus?
Me: Jesus is the most magical of all.
Shern: But Santa Claus can make reindeer fly, can Jesus makes things fly?
(I was at a loss of what to reply because I can't just say that Jesus can make things fly).
Me: Jesus don't make reindeer fly but he can do other magical things like healing people and etc.
Shern: Oh, now I know. Jesus is like a magician, just that he cannot make reindeer fly! 
Me: "_"
(Somehow he got that right too! lol)


Shern was playing with Daddy catch.
Shern: Dad, this time I want to be the bad guy and catch you.
Daddy: Ok.
Shern: Wait first. Let me pray first.
Dear God, I am just pretending to be a bad guy. I am not the real bad guy. Please don't punish me ok. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

(hohoho. He wanted to make sure God had the facts right!)


Shern & I were playing arm wrestling.
Before we started, Shern said a prayer.....

Shern: Dear God, please make my arms strong. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
And so we started to arm wrestle. When I was about to win, Shern said..
Shern: Dear God, faster. You need to make me strong now.
Me: lol

And then I proceeded to tell Shern that he needs to work hard first in order for God to help him and make him strong.

I need to make him understand what I believe in "God helps those who help themselves!" 


Shern: Mummy, can I pls have some fire water pls?
Me: What fire water? Why do you call it fire water?
Shern: Because there is a fire sign there where you refill the water.
Me: "_"

(There is a little fire sign at the hot water tap at Sakae Sushi to indicate to people that the water is boiling hot!)


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