Wednesday, February 19, 2014

V-Day Hi-Tea At Home

Happy V-Day 2014

For Valentine's Day this year, we initially planned to go for a simple meal at one of our favourite Japanese restaurant with the kids. Japanese because the whole family loves Japanese food. Shern loves his sushi and Khye likes the Agadeshi Tofu, while hubby & I have my raw salmon fix. V-Day is just an excuse for us to eat out. Haha.

But then we suddenly remembered it fell on a Friday, which Shern has music class. We are not going to skip music class just for a V-Day dinner. So our dinner plan was cancelled.

But then I still wanted to make something special on V-Day, but had no idea what. So when I received a message from one of my friends wish a pic of a hi-tea set, I got the idea to make my own Valentine Hi-Tea set at home. :)

I bought some cakes from one of my favourite bakery, and I took out my 3-tier cake stand.
After heating up some of the stuff, and in 15 minutes, I have assembled my own V-Day Hi-Tea Set, complete with a pot of tea!

Our hi-tea spread.

So what's on it?
Some chocolate and green tea cakes on the first tier.
A piece of butter scone and an earl grey scone, with some butter and raspberry jam on the second tier.
And on the third tier, some marbled cakes, a vege quiche, some chocolate heart cookies, and M&Ms.

It was simply lovely to just turned on the air-conditioner (it was a really hot day!) and to enjoy the sweets and bites with a pot of hot Rooibos tea, and having a chat.
Khye was happy with the butter cakes and some bites of the quiche. And Shern was absolutely delighted to see his favourite M&Ms! 

Our family photos.

 With Ah-Yee and Shu-Min.

We usually don't celebrate V-Day on those restaurants in which they hiked up their prices on V-Day or force us to take their V-Day set meals.
But is V-Day worth celebrating?
I think so. Simply because LOVE is worth celebrating.

You can do it any way you like it, just celebrate and embrace LOVE in your home.


p/s- Shern came back with a Valentine craft he made in school, and asked me to be his Valentine, because he says I'm the bestest mummy in town! :)

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Serenely said...

What a fantastic idea. And I like the addition of the m&ms :)